What Is The Best Hidden Camera For Bedroom Recording

What is the best hidden camera for bedroom recording

There are lots of hidden cameras with great features. It is hard to pinpoint one as the best over the others. The questions you should ask yourself are “what you want to use it for” and “the size of your bedroom”. Answering these will make it easier for you to pick the best hidden camera, based on your preference.

Nevertheless, there are five hidden cameras reviewed in this article because of their impressive functionality. You will be able to monitor your bedroom seamlessly and take action when you have to.

Everything you need to know about the hidden cameras is covered in this article.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Hidden Camera for Bedroom Recording

Product NameWhere to Buy
WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

Hugum WiFi Wireless Small Home Security Surveillance Camera

SIRGAWAIN 1080P Hidden Camera Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera


  1. Tekpluze Hidden Camera 1080P, Nanny Cam Full HD with Night Vision Motion Activation

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This hidden camera by Tekpluze is easy to operate, and its functionality is impressive. It has a high definition camera lens that gives crystal clear 1080P or 720P HD video recording, and 12MP (4032*3024) photos. You will be able to see what was captured while you were away from your bedroom. Besides, it will still retain its clarity when you view it on a widescreen television. The wireless communication technology Tekpluze hidden camera uses is ethernet.


Motion Detection

There is a sensor included in this spy camera that lets it detect motion automatically. Even the slightest motion is detected, and once it detects it, the recording will start. When it starts recording, its 360° clip mount and 140° wide viewing angle, allows it to have a view of the whole room so it can record everything.

Night Vision

This hidden camera comes with a 1080P HD IR (infrared) night vision, so it will give you high-quality images and videos no matter how dark the room is. It is fitted with 6-night

vision infrared LED lights. The best part is that when it records in the dark, the IR lights will not be noticed because they are non-luminous.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is supported on this hidden camera. When your storage is full, this is what makes the camera keep recording. It will overwrite the oldest files so that it can continue recording new files. Then it will save them into the freed space on the micro SD. This hidden camera supports a 32GB Micro SD card.


This hidden camera’s battery doesn’t need replacement. Just make sure it is plugged into a USB charger or power bank so that the camera will keep recording all day even when it is low.



  1. Hugum WiFi Wireless Small Home Security Surveillance Camera

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This hidden camera by Hugum supports the HD Resolution Ratio of 1080P and 720P. It can capture photos and record videos with impressive clarity. Recording with the 1080P will capture motion at 30 frames per second. Besides, you can connect it to your smartphone or computer for upgraded performance. Also, there is an internal magnet in this hidden camera which makes it possible for you to put it on any iron surface so it won’t fall off. This hidden camera is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices. The wireless communication technology used by this Hugum camera is WiFi.


Motion Detection

It has an advanced motion detector. Once motion is detected, a push notification will be sent to your phone. You just have to log into the app on your mobile device and you will see what is happening in real-time. Moreover, it has a 150° wide-angle lens, so you can see what is happening all around your bedroom.

Night Vision

There are 6 infrared lights fitted into this hidden camera, so this allows it to capture movements when there is low light. The infrared light works with a distance reach of 5m, so it’s perfect for bedroom use.


If you are connected to a router, you will be able to view playbacks and watch live video feed without having to be in your bedroom or around your home. All you will need to view the videos is the app on your mobile device.

Multiple User and Multiple Connectivity

One hidden camera can be accessed by multiple users, and just one app can be used to support multiple cameras simultaneously. Moreover, it has hotspot connectivity so you can still record without WiFI. Just put in the SD card, turn it on, and it will start recording automatically even if there is no network.


It supports up to 64GB SD card, while a 32GB SD card is included upon purchase. When the memory is full, it will overwrite the oldest files on the SD card so as to free up space for continuous recording. Note, before you start using the SD card, make sure you format it.


The built-in battery of this hidden camera is 250mah which will last for 60 minutes and takes 2.5 hours to charge. For continuous use, you will have to plug it into a USB charger or power bank so it can last for days and weeks.


  1. SIRGAWAIN 1080P Hidden Camera Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera

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If you are looking for a hidden camera without wireless communication technology, then this particular camera is a great choice. Besides, it one of the best-hidden cameras


without WiFi or Ethernet. Also, it has excellent craftsmanship and a wide-angle lens of 140° which will show motion in all the corners of your bedroom.


Night Vision

This hidden camera has 6 invisible IR LEDs that have a vision reaching 16 inches, no matter how dark it is. The LEDs will provide enough lighting, which will make the video quality clear when you are viewing it.

Motion Detection

Whenever movement is sensed, this hidden camera will record it with 1080p HD clarity, allowing you to view the video clearly, either in the day or at night.

Battery & Charging

The battery’s run time is 60 minutes. You can program it to turn on and start recording when it senses movement, or you can plug it into a power outlet so that it will be recording 24/7.


You can install a 32GB micro SD card. No micro SD card is included, so after purchase, you will have to get one yourself.


  1. OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera HD 1080P Wireless Hidden Camera

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OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera uses WiFi as its wireless communication technology. You can live stream from anywhere. If this camera is connected to the router of the room, you will be able to watch the live feed of the recordings in the HIDVCAM app.

It has a 150° wide-angle lens, which will make you see more details of what is occurring in your bedroom when you are absent. The lens also has an image and video quality of 1080P which is perfect for surveillance video — the 1080P live video records at 30 frames

per second.

You can connect it to your tablet, computer, or smartphone device. Once it is connected, you will be able to live stream the video on the app. The video will be in HD.

They offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day guarantee.


Motion Detection

This hidden camera has upgraded motion detection. This allows you to get essential alerts. Once the camera’s sensors detect movement, it will automatically send you a notification with images that you can view on your phone.

Night Vision

There are 6 IR lights that allow you to see whatever it is that is going on in your bedroom when it is dark. This IR lights do not glow, so no one will know a camera has been installed. In a dark bedroom, this camera has a visual distance of 5m. Besides, the IR lights automatically turn on when there is no light, and automatically turns off when there is light.

Multi-User and Multi-View

One app can support multiple cameras, and just one camera can support numerous users. With these multiple connectivities, you will always be able to keep an eye on your bedroom in real-time.


This hidden camera has a memory capacity that supports an SD card of up to 128 GB memory. Besides, the loop recording feature of this hidden camera will also activate whenever the memory gets full. It will automatically overwrite the oldest files on the SD card so there can be new storage space for new videos, and so that the camera can keep on recording non-stop.


It comes with a built-in high-quality 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery will last you for up to 60 minutes of recording time. For 24/7 recording, you can connect it to a 10000mAh battery pack which will enable it to record for up to 30 hours.


  1. WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

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This hidden camera is disguised as a fire alarm detector; however, it doesn’t detect alarm. Instead of the mechanics of an alarm detector, it has a cover IP camera with a built-in DVR.

It has a 1080P high-definition video quality with a wide-angle lens of 125°. Apart from the motion detection of this camera, it also has PIR human body sensing.

If this WNAT hidden camera is connected to the app installed on your mobile device, you will be able to stream videos, download videos, and download photos remotely. The best part of this hidden camera is in its installation because it is easy to set up; within 5 minutes, you should be done with the installation. The fact that it doesn’t require you to search for an item to fix it on makes it even quicker to install.


Motion Detection

Once motion is detected by the sensors of the camera, you will receive a mobile alarm on your phone app instantly. Apart from alerting you, it will record a video of the person or animal that triggered the sensor, and it will also save the video in its storage device. If it was programmed to stay in standby mode before, it would go back to that mode.

Night Vision

There is a non-luminous night vision light installed in this hidden camera. If it senses motion at night, it will record a video of your bedroom regardless of how dark it is because the non-luminous light will be triggered, and will automatically switch on. The video quality of the recorded video will also be in high definition so you can see clearly who or what was in your bedroom when you were away.


This hidden camera has a built-in 5500 mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery. It will last for 20 hours if it is in active recording mode, but if it is in standby mode, it will last for 180 days. The standby mode will only record and send alerts when motion is detected, so this saves a lot of battery power. The battery capacity of this hidden camera is impressive, unlike other types of hidden cameras, you will come across. Moreover, to recharge it, no wiring is required so as not to raise suspicion. Just rotate the disguised smoke detector casing and take out the camera from the dock, then you can plug it to a power outlet.


It supports 128G Micro SD, which is larger than most hidden cameras you will come across. Besides, it automatically compresses recorded videos to 720P so it can store more videos in the SD card. The SD card isn’t included upon purchase. You can choose your phone memory as the preferred storage location until you get an SD card.




Where to put a hidden camera?

There are several objects in a bedroom that are ideal for putting a camera so it can blend in perfectly with the environment. These are some of the things you can put it on:

  • Nightstand

Most bedrooms have a nightstand, and if yours have one too, you can put a hidden camera there. The camera can be placed behind objects on the nightstand such as a clock, a radio, a mirror, and so on. If you plan to keep the hidden camera in your bedroom for a long time, make sure you put it behind an object that won’t be picked up regularly, or else it might be discovered. You can also have it installed inside a clock and put it on your nightstand.

  • PC

If you have a space in your home that is used as a home office with computers, just install the camera into the speaker. You might have to give a professional to install it for you. Once it’s done, you can start your secret surveillance.

  • Curtain Rod

Placing the camera on a curtain rod is ideal if your camera has an internal magnet. Besides, putting it on a curtain rod will give you a better viewing angle, which will allow you to capture everything that is happening in your bedroom when you are not there.

  • Bookshelf

Hiding it on a bookshelf is also a good idea. However, most bedrooms don’t always have one. If you are lucky enough to have one, even if it is a mini bookshelf, you can have your camera hidden among the books.

  • Teddy Bear

If the camera is going to be installed in the kids’ bedroom so that you can keep an eye on them, you can take one of their teddy bears and install it inside it. You will have to be smart when doing this because the camera is usually installed where the eyes are, the hole you make in the eyes must not be too noticeable. To make things easier for you, you can buy a teddy bear with a camera fixed inside it already.

  • Toy Cars

This is another toy you can install the camera into. All you will need to do is to dismantle the car, position the hidden camera inside it and fix all the dismantled parts back.

  • Mirror

If you prefer putting your camera in a mirror, then make sure it is a two-sided mirror. Note, there are different types of two-sided mirrors. What you need to ask your self is “how hidden do I want the camera to be?” and  “how clear do I want the video or image quality to be?” Giving an answer to these questions will simplify things for you when picking the type of two-sided mirror to use.

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  • Light bulb or Lamp

These are also nice items to install your camera into. Just make sure that no one tries to repair the bulb or lamp, or else the camera will be discovered.

  • Flowerpot

If you have a flower pot, you can put a camera inside the pot. Make sure there are lots of flowers in the pot so that it will be hidden among them. After installing the camera, place the flower pot on a windowsill or shelve for better coverage.

  • Light Switches

This is a popular spot where hidden cameras are installed. Since most light switches have covers, once the camera is installed and the cover is put back in place, it will help in masking the camera. Just drill a tiny hole for the camera lens to record what is going on in the room.



So, What Is The Best Hidden Camera For Bedroom Recording?

Getting the best-hidden camera to put in a bedroom is easy, once you can streamline your reasons for wanting it and other factors such as your bedroom size. The moment it is installed, you will become a detective yourself. Whenever something out of the ordinary happens, you should be fully prepared to handle it because you will have evidence to use.

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