6 Smallest Loudest Portable Speakers – Unbiased Review

A loud portable speaker is what a lot of people are requesting nowadays. They are now replacing large speakers in mini parties and get-togethers. Most brands make portable loudspeakers with surround sound, you can get almost the same sound quality as a large speaker on portable speakers.
Moreover, considering the latest improvements in technology, it is now possible to enjoy music on portable speakers with extra bass, something that was impossible before. Most of the brands that produce the best portable speakers are also known for their intensive research in improving audio products quality, so it’s worth mentioning that in a few years to come we will be having speakers that are much smaller than the ones on this list, and you need not worry because we will offer you a full review on these ever-reliable gadgets when the time comes.

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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Loud Extra Bass

JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BassPal Portable Bluetooth Speakers - IPX5 Waterproof, HD Sound & Enhanced Bass

In this article, we will review the 6 best smallest loudest portable speakers to opt for. The first choice which is a speaker by Bose is still one of the best portable speakers in the market, but due to some features it lacks and its price too, we had to find alternatives, that is why we reviewed 5 other portable speakers that are as impressive as the Bose speaker.

1. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

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This portable speaker isn’t the smallest you will find on this list, but it’s one of the few speakers that is packed with a lot of features. If you are an audiophile, and you prefer sticking with models from a brand with a reputation for satisfying people who are always thirsty for high-quality fidelity audio, this Bose speaker is an excellent choice for you.

It is a little pricey, but that is expected from a top brand, especially when you consider its durability and functionality, alongside the reputation that comes with owning a Bose audio product.

Bose is known for making impressive Bluetooth speakers when it comes to sound quality, and this is also expected because they are known to conduct extensive researches just to improve the audio quality in their products.

Their products aren’t always the most stylish and it usually features just one colorway, but when it comes to performance you can overlook the stylishness and stick with its quality. And yes, this Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is not different from its predecessors when it comes to stylishness.

Just put the portable speaker into your bag and turn anywhere you are into a lively space
There are varieties of colors to pick from. You can get this Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II in coral red, aquatic blue, polar white, or soft black.

• Easy-touch silicone texture making it stay firm in your hands while playing music and dancing
• Rugged features protecting it from wear.
• Voice prompts for pairing up via Bluetooth, it is even much easier pairing it with NFC devices because you’re reminded what device you’re paired to
• Built-in mic allowing you to access digital assistants like Google Now or Siri
• Bose Connect app to access updates down the line
• Drag and drop Bluetooth connections
• Unlock new features and personalize your settings through the app
• Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours of playtime.
• Recharge time of 3 hours if charged with a Micro-B USB power source of at least one amp of current and no music is playing.
• Water-resistant.

— Its charging efficiency doesn’t last for long, especially after using it in harsh weather conditions for a long time. If possible, try to protect the charging point from coming in contact with water, dust, and so on.
— This speaker is listed as portable according to Bose, and if you compare it with other speakers they have it is much portable than those, but you will find speakers from other brands that are much smaller than this Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II.
— It isn’t the cheapest you’ll get if you are looking for the smallest loudest portable speakers, but this is expected because it’s a well-known brand with lots of customers willing to purchase it regardless of its price.
— If you are a lover of stylish things, this Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II isn’t very stylish.

This SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is a bit pricey, so it isn’t ideal for buyers seeking a portable but loudspeaker that is budget-friendly. However, it is worth the investment if you can opt for it. You will enjoy a variety of features not available on other speakers.


2. EWA A106 Pro, Travel Case Packed, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Custom Bass Radiator, Brief Design, IP67 Waterproof, Perfect Mini Speaker for Shower, Room, Bike, Car

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If you want something very small that can easily fit into your pocket, then EWA A106 Pro was made for you. This egg-sized portable speaker is designed to fit everywhere. Besides, the EWA brand has established itself as a brand willing to break limits. They have stated that they look beyond stylishness and all other things, their main focus for their audio products is the sound quality, and EWA A106 Pro is proof. When it comes to brands that delve deep into researches so as to create a newer model with better functionality, Bose and EWA are such brands.

In other portable speakers, the problem is always with the bass performance. This is one of the reasons why EWA standout, they were able to come up with an innovative design that made it possible to have an amazing bass in a portable speaker.

EWA A106 Pro is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, such as smartphone, iPad, iPhone, iPod tablet. You can get this portable speaker in color black and silver, though the silver is slightly expensive than the black.

• Impressive bass and room-filling loudness.
• Lightweight construction, weighing 6.2 ounces and measuringΦ1.89*H1.54 inches
• One silicone button functioning as the on/off (hold), pause (one-tap), next songs (double-tap), and previous song (triple-tap).
• Built-in Lithium-Polymer battery that lasts for 6 hours of playtime. At a 50% volume level, it lasts up to 8 hours.
• Fast recharge that lasts for 2 hours of playtime with just half an hour of charge time.
• Carrying case for protection plus a metal hook to hang on a bag, belt, or bike so you can listen to music on the go.
• 30-day risk-free guarantee and 1-year warranty


— Fewer functionality. It can’t be controlled by voice and cannot be connected to an app for improved functionality.
— Strong possibility of it getting lost easily
— Can’t make use of digital assistants

EWA truly pushed the limits with their release of A106 Pro. There have been questions about how possible it is for this egg-sized speaker to be better than larger speakers, and EWA took it upon themselves to give the details of its possibility.
EWA A106 Pro is made of metal materials and has a minimalist design so it can make this a reality. Then they featured only technologies that are needed. You won’t find technologies like 3.5mm AUX-in, NFC, and microphone. It also comes with just a button and an LED indicator. The fewer features provided space to add the battery, a driver, and all other components. Besides, this wouldn’t have been possible if they haven’t made use of their innovative technologies which saves space, but packed with impressive functionality, such as their speaker with a downward passive radiator that gives off impressive power.


3. Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Loud Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth – Loud Audio for Phone Calls- Small Waterproof and Dustproof Travel Music Speakers

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This is another portable speaker by a top brand. Just like Bose, Sony has also had a huge influence on the audio product’s market. They have been around for many years with releases of technologies that have aided their advancement over the years.
Almost everyone knows about Sony, and with their high market share, they are known for making impressive audio products that sell off quickly. Those that are skeptical of unknown brands can consider getting the Sony.

When it comes to functionality, several features make it an impressive portable speaker. One of its best features is the extra bass. This bass involves a passive radiator which works together with the monaural speaker that gives the bass a boost. With the extra bass, this Sony portable speaker will enhance low-end tones, regardless of the speaker being small. However, when comparing its size with Momoho BTS0011 and EWA A106 Pro, this Sony speaker is much larger than them.
Just like several other portable speakers, Sony also puts into consideration the possibility of listening to music on the go. There is a detachable carry clip that allows you to hook it to your belt loop or backpack, especially if you are on an adventure and you want to play songs.
This Sony portable speaker comes in black, blue, gray, red, violet.

• Extra bass
• Battery life of 16 hours on a full charge.
• HD noise-canceling processor QN1e for drowning ambient noise
• Detachable carry clip to carry, hang or strap the speaker to your backpack.
• Waterproof and dustproof design with an IP67 rating.
• Connection of 2 speakers wirelessly for more stereo sound with Speaker Add Function
• Full range speaker
• Srs-xb12 wireless speaker.

— It’s a bit large than other speakers on this list
— Doesn’t function with an app
— Doesn’t function with digital assistants

If you love using well-known brands and you enjoy the recognition it brings, you can opt for this Sony SRS-XB12 mini Bluetooth speaker in place of the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II, especially if you are considering something budget-friendly. Moreover, when you consider its battery life, it is much more impressive than Bose’s own. However, if you want more flexibility with the settings and functionality of your speaker, you won’t get that on this Sony portable speaker.

4. Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speakers for Home/Outdoor/Travel, Rechargeable, Compatible with iPhone Samsung (Black)

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Momoho BTS0011 is another egg-sized speaker. It is packed with several features that aren’t in the EWA A106 Pro. Lovers of gadgets with multiple functionalities will love this portable speaker because apart from having a loud volume that will fill a small room, it also allows you to remotely take selfies and pick phone calls.
Momoho isn’t a widely known brand like Bose and Sony even though they have been around for a while. They specialize in small-sized audio products that can easily fit anywhere. Besides, they take the stylishness of their products seriously. Momoho BTS0011 comes in black, blue, green, and white with sleek designs, making them fashionable. It also has a rubber oil finish and smooth tactility which makes it a portable speaker one would be proud to bring out in public, regardless of Momoho being an unpopular brand. Besides, it has a registered design patent which sets it apart from other brands.
Budget-minded buyers who want extensive functionality in a speaker at a low price will find that in this Momoho BTS0011.

• One button controls the hands-free call and camera remote shutter
• Wireless remote selfie shutter for taking pictures without a cellphone camera
• Battery life of about 1 hour at 100% volume, and about 2 hours on 50% volume
• Recharging time of half an hour for a full charge
• Built-in microphone for calling hands-free or answering incoming calls without your phone
• Answer phone calls with the speaker button
• Lanyard for hooking phones, bags, and belts.
• Lightweight construction so it doesn’t strain your hands when on the go.

— It isn’t durable. So if it falls and drops on a hard surface it might crack.
— Voice prompt is not very clear.
— Doesn’t work with digital assistants.
— Unimpressive battery life. You will need to always have a charger/power bank with you when you are on the go.

The lightweight construction of this portable speaker can be seen as a blessing and a curse. If its lanyard is hooked to your phone, belt loop, or bag, you will be able to comfortably listen to music remotely, but if it falls this might crack the casing of the speaker, or it might even get destroyed if it falls from a very high place and on a rocky surface. Besides, its battery is not suitable for those that are always on the go and find it hard to plug in devices all the time, but this is expected, considering its price, its size, and its extensive functionality.


5. BassPal Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Small True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Speaker with Radio, IPX5 Waterproof, HD Sound & Enhanced Bass, Mini Pocket Size for Home Travel Shower Pool Beach Outdoor-2 Pack

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BassPal might not be in the league of Sony and Bose, but they also provide audio products with impressive sound quality and functionality.
It’s understandable that fitting the necessary things into a small casing is near impossible, as can be seen in Momoho BTS0011 and EWA A106 Pro, so instead of a speaker, you will get two speakers, which is BassPal way of fitting in all that you will get in a large speaker into this portable speaker.
This BassPal portable speaker features true wireless technology that allows you to connect two speakers at a time and to the same Bluetooth. Once it’s connected you can synchronously play music on them. The left and right channels make this portable speaker have a loud vibrant natural surround sound, which can be heard from a fairly long distance.
If it is connected to an iPhone, the speakers can be used separately. If it is connected to a PC, the 10W total output acoustic drivers and advanced bass enhancement will produce 360° surround high definition stereo sound, and you won’t notice any distortion. You can substitute this speaker for larger ones at a party.

• Supports TWS technology enabling you to pair two speakers to a Bluetooth for 360°surround definition stereo sound.
• Outdoor proof with a rating of IPX5 safeguarding against spills, snow, dust, rain.
• Strong fabric and ABS+silicone material enable protection from wear and tear.
• Each speaker works in FM radio mode individually without affecting the sound play on the speaker.
• Each speaker can control pause/play, increase/decrease volume, skip/backward songs, and so on.
• Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
• Built-in FM radio that doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection.
• 2 Micro USB charging cable for simultaneous charging.
• Rapidly charging speakers that fully charge at 2 hours.

— Using both speakers on the go will be an issue
— Can’t connect to an app.
— Can’t be used with digital assistants

This BassPal speaker is suitable for those who are always in a partying mood at all times. Wherever you are, you can turn that place into a lively space. One speaker can be placed in a corner, while the other one will be placed in another corner, so the song can be amplified. Moreover, you can use any of the speakers to play/pause/, /skip/backward/, or change the volume. So if the speakers are a bit far away from each other, you can use the one closest to you. If anyone also gets spoilt, you will still have a speaker to use.

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6. JBL CLIP 3 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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JBL has been around since 1946, so they have had their fair share of the market just like Bose and Sony. You will mostly find their speakers to be medium-sized, but it’s expected for them to be able to create small loudspeakers, considering the experience they have had in audio product research and production. They have several other portable speakers, but CLIP 3 is still one of their best portable speakers.
This portable speaker features a unique design unlike other speakers you’ll come across. Its round body shape allows it to save room for other things. Besides, it has a flat bottom that can be placed on any surface, either smooth or rough.
When it comes to this CLIP 3 functionality, it isn’t as impressive as that of the Bose SoundLink and Sony SRS-XB12. JBL put more effort into the durability of this portable speaker more than it did with its functionality. However, when comparing their prices, this JBL portable speaker is the least expensive. If you don’t mind getting a speaker that doesn’t have an easy touch, frequent updates, the possibility of personalizing settings, digital assistants’ control, then you can opt for this JBL CLIP 3 instead of the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II that comes with all these functions.
JBL CLIP 3 comes in red, sand, teal, white, yellow, green, gray, blue, black, black camo, camo, and pink.

• IPX7 waterproof
• 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery offering 10 hours of playtime
• Built-in noise and echo-canceling speakerphone for crystal clear calls.
• Fully integrated metal carabiner enables hooking to a belt loop or backpack to safeguard the speaker from damage

— It doesn’t work with digital assistants
— It cannot be connected to JBL apps
— Less information is offered on its functionality, JBL released CLIP 3 based on their reputation. If you’re someone who loves to cross-check information and likes doing extensive research before purchasing a product, you will be disappointed.

The ruggedness of the JBL CLIP 3 cannot be ignored. It is designed with durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing that offers optimum protection for the speakers. Adventurous people will find this helpful. Regardless of the surface, it falls on, the speaker can still be enjoyed to its fullest. Its lack of numerous functionality is replaced with its durability. If you care more about having a speaker that will spend years with you, and you will most likely be identified by everyone through it, then this CLIP 3 was made for you.


We covered several portable speakers on this list and wrote in-depth on them. You can make your considerations based on price or specific functionalities. If you are more inclined to audio products from well-known brands and can’t afford the Bose, you can opt for JBL or Sony. If what you want is something that will fit into your pocket then the Momoho and EWA are better options. You can also come up with several considerations before settling for a loud portable speaker.
There are several other brands of small loudspeakers out there, though not as good as the ones listed here. You can write down the features of any of the speakers you find on this list but can’t afford it, or you can’t purchase because it is out of stock. Use the features of this speaker to get another brand of portable speakers with similar features. However, you must note that its durability may not be as great as the ones listed here.

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