Top 15 Offline Shooting Games for Android [Updated 2020]

Offline Shooting Games for Android


Are you the rifle kind of person who spends most of your time playing different shooting games? It yes, here is an updated list of shooting games you need to check out. If what you even need is an offline shooting game you can play without having to bother about data subscription or Internet connection, I am sure that these games on this list will make your day.

So, get ready as I begin to unfold the scroll of the top 15 offline shooting games for your Android device.


Offline Shooting Games for Android 


  1. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Offline Shooting Games for Android

If you are familiar with the famous action superstar, Jason Statham, then you’ll love to play this game. This is one of the games that is officially endorsed by the action superstar.

This is a game where you have to display your snipping skills by teaming up with other action superstars to eliminate your enemies in their hundreds. As an elite mercenary, you have to show your snipping prowess to make it into Statham’s team. And once you are in, your duty is to destroy as many enemies as can who are trying to destroy your territory. Am sure you’ll want to learn under Statham’s tutelage of how to kill all the bad guys. Check out this game and have fun shooting.


  1. Major Mayhem 2

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Major Mayhem is another hot shooting game you can use to keep your fingers always busy on the trigger. This game puts in total surveillance where you are to shoot any moving object. Besides having lots of the bad guys to shoot, you also have a mission of releasing as many captives as possible from the den of the bad guys.

One good thing I like about this game is that it gives you 7 different types of guns to use. This helps you to explore different shooting styles in your adventure. In case you just need to flex your fingers on the trigger, here is a game to do that correctly.


  1. Cover Fire

Offline Shooting Games for Android

In case you are a staunch fan of the explosive action shooting game, Cover Fire is yet another one you may want to try. In this game, you are free to choose different kinds of soldiers, each with their unique skills and abilities to help you succeed in your battle. Also, you’ll be provided with a vast arsenal of deadly weapons for destroying all your enemies. The clean graphics of this game, makes me go back to it over and over, and it always made me have this feeling of playing a console game. You’ll definitely love this one, I trust.


  1. Mad Bullets

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Were you looking for a shooting game that combines hilarious scenes with lots of action? Mad Bullets is another fast-paced game you need to download into your Android device. This game will get you shooting as though you have nothing else to live for except shooting and killing your enemies. Despite having lots of action to keep you very active shooting, the game is also filled with lots of funny scenes that you can’t resist laughing out loud. Your major role in this game is to fight against some deadly cowboys and ninjas who try to cross your path. Get ready for the fight here, it is really all or nothing in this one.


  1. Lone Wolf

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Here is a game you can use to build your level of morals. It Lone Wolf is a mature game that is usually advised not to be played by people under age 18. The gameplay is interesting and very challenging as there are lots of storylines that you need to uncover and follow up duly. The thrills in this game are so intense that you’ll find yourself at the crossroad of making some serious and tough decisions in your life. If what you need is an outright brutal action and shooting game to keep yourself busy, I will gladly recommend Lone Wolf.


  1. O.V.A. Legacy

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Almost all Android users are familiar with N.O.V.A as a very popular shooting game they can play without any internet connection. Most outstanding about N.O.V.A is the “Deathmatch” mode in which you can connect and fight with other passionate players around the world. More so, the game comes with a “Death Cam” feature that help you to have a third-person view of the soldiers that you have killed throughout your battle. Even if all the features mentioned above didn’t move you to check out this game, the small size of the game (below 40MB) is one thing that keeps pulling many users to the game. Sure, it will catch your interest as well.


  1. Hitman: Sniper

Offline Shooting Games for Android

The popular Hitman Sniper has also made its way onto the Android platform so that you can enjoy the thrills that come when you can use your sophisticated sniper to hit down all your enemies one after the other. Here is a game that is very popular for assassination using a sniper rifle. This then means that you don’t have to sneak up to your target before killing them. Simply pick a nice spot where you can have a clear view of them to hit them down using your sniper silently. Although the game requires your ability to plan the course of eliminating all your target, it is a very amazing game to try, especially when you see that your ploy to trap your target gets them coming into the line of your sniper view.


  1. Overkill 3

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Never mind the name of this game, there is no such thing as over killing the bad guys. Overkill 3 is another fast-paced shooting game in which you have to dig into the hideout of all the bad guys to kill them. Well, just saying that you’ll have to find and kill all the bad guys may sound like some child’s play where you can just walk up to these guys to kill them. Hello! The task you have to complete at each level of this game is super-engaging, and you have to be extremely careful to make sure that you locate and eliminate these guys before they turn back to (I am scared to mention) eliminate you. Yes, that’s the fact, especially when you make your way up to the level where you’ll be confronting the boss. Overkill 3 is really a good offline shooting game you must try.


  1. Kill Shot Bravo

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Here is another sniper shooting game which many users find to be a major contender with Hitman Sniper and other related sniper games. The strategy of the gameplay is what thrills me about this game. Imagine what it will cost you to gain access into a military base (yes, a military) as well as other highly secured homes to snip down your target. One other outstanding feature I lie about this game is the fleet of vehicles at your disposal for carrying out your mission successfully. This is one feature you’ll rarely find in other snipping games. If what you enjoy about shooting games is acting as a covert assassin, here is one to try your hands on.


  1. Dead Effect 2

the best Offline Shooting Games for Android

Dead Effect 2 is yet another amazing shooting game on Android that is living up to the shooting expectation of its players. Since the release of the first version of Dead Effect, the game has continued to experience significant upgrades to heighten the fun and thrills it brings along. Most unique about Dead Effect 2 is the vast variety of weapons at your disposal to help you have a clean Dead effect on all your foes. This game is a good offline shooting game to try on your Android, check it out.


  1. Dead Trigger 2

the best Offline Shooting Games for Android

If you can remember the popular Zombie-killing game, Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 is a sequel to it. Your primary role in this game is to kill endless numbers of zombies using different methods. You may decide to use a flamethrower to set them ablaze, different guns to shoot them down, or even use a Gatling gun where you can shred them into little pieces. The graphics are super-neat, and the gameplay is engaging. Try this out, I am sure you’ll be glad you did.


  1. Unkilled

Offline Shooting Games for Android

Here is another zombie killing game where your role is to use various sophisticated weapons at your disposal to kill all the zombies that comes your way. This is a game that sends you on different missions and each mission requiring a special weapon to complete the task neatly. So, get ready to use different weapons if you really want to overpower the zombies along your way. Whether the Skirmish or campaign mode, Unkilled is a powerful zombie shooting game you need to play.

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  1. Battle of Bullet

best Offline Shooting Games for Android

Are you ready to shoot and fight with an entire army? If yes, then hop-in and try your hands on different weapons in the Battle of Bullet. Your role in this game is to lead an intelligent troop of armies to fight against hoodlums in the city. You will also have to act a special role where you have to take on all the bad guys using your sniper. This is one FPS game where you will rarely feel bored with one single weapon. You have a plethora of them, so use them to your best and defeat all the bad guys in the hood.


  1. Into the Dead 2

Offline Shooting Games for Android Phones

Here is another face pace game with lots of shooting elements, and your role is to survive the fiery bullets and darts of zombies together with your family. All that you have to help you survive this undead elements are weapons and your dogs that will form an alliance with you to help you sail through your journey. Well, depending on what choices you make during the gameplay, you will be experiencing different endings to the game. This makes the game really unpredictable and engaging to play.


  1. Shadowgun

best Offline Shooting Games for Android

If you have ever played the popular Gears of War, Shadowgun is another similar game that is inspired by the gameplay of Gears of War. The game, although being a third-shooter game has lots of great graphics and features which makes it feel as though it was designed for the console. Your role is to hunt down different targets for you to acquire various bounties along your way. Yes, killing these enemies along your way to obtain all the bounties that you need for your journey isn’t an easy task to complete. So, sit up and get ready for some fierce shooting experience with Shadowgun. Although my last, I can bet you that this game is not the least on this list.


Final Words

Hey guys, here you have them all. The top 15 offline shooting game for your Android device. Each of these games was carefully picked to make this list, and I trust that any of them you wish to try will make your day as you have a thrilling gaming experience. Check them out and don’t forget to thank me later.

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