7 Best Kids Watches With Alarms to Buy in 2021 – Unbiased Review

Kids watches with alarms

You will agree with me that the things you and I learned when we were kids are the core of what shaped our lives. Kids are most teachable at their tender age and they should be taught the value of time, but this presents a challenge – how do you teach kids about the value of time when they don’t even know what time it is?

In A Hurry? Here Are My Top 4 Picks Of The Best Kids watches with alarms In The Market In 2021

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It is tough to get the concept of time. I mean, how am I supposed to understand what I cannot touch, see, hear, or even feel? It defeats my senses until, somehow, it started making sense to me after a couple of years. I can recall vividly that I started understanding the concept of time after I got my first watch.

It was a present from my dad who also taught me how to measure time with a watch – my first watch. I could have learned it quite well with a wall clock or other big fancy type of clocks but I remember that my wristwatch gave me vibes to learn the time like no other. It felt good that I owned it.

Wouldn’t it be great if your kid could meet up with the time for school on his own? Won’t you rather your kid know the time to go to bed? Once your kids can understand how time passes, they sure would be able to gauge the instruction you give them effortlessly. Instructions like “Hey, kid, you’ve got five minutes more” wouldn’t be arbitrary to them.

So, what would you do to get your kid familiar with time? Simple, you buy him or her a kid’s watch. “Why should I?”, you may ask. Kids’ watches are specifically made for the kids. Unlike some adult watches, it is usually simple, easy to use, and design to fit the kid’s tiny hands perfectly.

However, not all kids’ watches are basic in terms of function. They do tell the time but some of them perform other functions. Some of those functions include timers –stopwatch, alarm, and calendar.

Whether your kid needs a reminder for his medication or requires an alarm to wake up in the morning, there is a perfect kid’s watch for your kid. All you just need to do is buy it for him or her.

In this era of “a million products”, you need to be careful of what you buy for your kids, especially the learning tools. The great news is that I have some great products you can try out for your kids. I am recommending these products based on my experience with kids and these watches. If this list were for adult watches, you most probably will see a couple of ridiculously expensive watches but I can assure you that the kid’s watches I will show you are pretty inexpensive.


Without further ado, here are my top picks of kid’s watches with alarm.

  1. Azland KW023-33 – Affordable

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I wouldn’t term this Azland Kid’s watch as the cheapest but it sure is very affordable. You get the best value for your money with the watch.  It features three alarms with alarm sounds for fifteen to thirty seconds before it automatically shuts off. Your kid can manually turn off the alarm sound by pressing any button when the alarm goes off.

Its design is simple and you can get any of the three variants for your kid. Its tough resin case comes in camo, blue and purple. It is water-resistant and it still works even when the temperature falls below minus ten degrees. It is stylish, with a polished finish on the button.

It is powered by a high capacity 1.5volt battery. This provides enough to power the watch and its backlight for a couple of years. There are seven different backlights to choose from and you can set the backlight to flash when the alarm goes off. It is affordable, durable, shock-resistant, and attractive. But as with everything, it is not perfect. Sometimes, the alarm is inaudible, especially when muffled by a pillow or clothes. It is functional in shallow water but I strongly advise you not to press the button while in water. Water could seep in and spoil it.


  1. Viposoon Kids’ watch – For Girls

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Females and flashy things are inseparable. Flashy colors appeal to all kids but it is much more pronounced with girls. Viposoon watches are designed to be eye-catching and the first time I saw it on a girl, what stood out for me was the LED backlights. Although the outward appearance attracted me, the versatility made me love it.

It has an alarm, a timer, a calendar and it can chime every hour. It can display time in either the 24-hour format or the 12-hour format. You are not limited to one backlight color and you can choose any of the seven colors. It is super bright and you can see it in any condition, be it directly under the sun while outdoors. The backlight also flashes when the alarm goes off. With the press of a button, you can disarm the alarm and with a few clicks of the button, you can toggle hourly chime on or off.

It features a rubber strap with designs like fire trucks, beautiful dragons, Barbie, and other amazing 3d cartoon design. It comes in eleven different colors. The only downside I have seen in this watch is that it is not water-resistant.


  1. Casio F108WH Illuminator – For Boys

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Does slim, rectangle, low profiled, and water-resistant watches ring a bell? Yeah, Casio. Casio’s design is unambiguous. If you add all these properties of Casio with properties like G-shock grade durability and black color, what you get is the “Illuminator”.

Its resin band can fit both small and big wrist with ease. I am surprised and I still don’t know how Casio manages to make a wrist band so durable at this price point. The wrist band is just a sample, the whole wristwatch is built to last. Even the battery lasts longer than other wristwatches. Think of it this way – a battery life of 8 years surely will outlive most watches.

You might think that it wouldn’t be “cool” as a kid’s watch or teenager’s watch because it is elegantly built, but it doesn’t become obsolete. I had one and I used it for more than five years.

You can switch to the alarm mode by pressing the bottom right button once and as soon as you get the alarm mode, you can set the alarm with the left buttons. The alarm sounds for twenty seconds and you can press any button to disarm it. The watch automatically returns to the time mode if left idle for a while.

I love its bright LED backlight, long battery life, its durability, and its simplicity. The only downside with this watch is the absence of multiple alarms.


  1. TICCI vibrating alarm watch – Vibration king

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From the name, you should already know why this watch made this list – it vibrates. This means you can set alarms for your kid and it will subtly notify them without disturbing others. With this feature, the alarm can go off without a sound while your kid is in school.

It did make this list because of its unique alarm system – vibration. But the watch is not just all vibration, no function. It does come with multiple alarms, all eight of them. These alarms can be customized to beep only, vibrate only, or beep and vibration. Apart from the alarm, it can also function as a stopwatch and can perform periodic alarms from fifteen minutes up to twenty-four hours.

The build is pretty decent too. The watchband could easily fit on your kid’s hand. TICCI could improve on its battery. The battery is good, but it could be better. Well, on the bright side, customer service is superb. You can replace defective watches and parts easily. Thumbs up, TICCI.


  1. Casio W213-AVCF – Multiple alarm.

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If you want functionality with simplicity, this, without a doubt, is the watch to get your kid. It packs every standard function of a watch plus multiple alarm features – up to five daily alarms! Of all the watches I recommend, this has found solid ground with older kids than any other type of watch I know. It is not flashy yet it is not too adult-like – it is somewhere in between

It is sporty with a medium-size screen which is just perfect for your kid’s wrist. Now, the screen is something to reckon with. The watch could automatically light up when you tilt it (if you so set it). It has EL backlight with afterglow which makes its visibility great either in direct sunlight or in pitch darkness.

Setting the alarm is also interesting. You can set up to five daily alarms. The first alarm allows you to snooze, wow! You could manually disengage the alarm with a press of any button. The watch is audible but not deafening and lasts for 10 seconds before it automatically shuts off. It also features an hourly chime.

With all these features, the watch is also waterproof up to fifty meters. I like the high-quality strap. Its tough band has a durable resin which could take a lot of beating. The only hitch is that the strap could be expensive to replace.


  1. BIGGERFIVE Smartwatch – Kid’s Smartwatch with an alarm you can set remotely

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This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of a smartwatch for the kid. This is not any other kids’ smartwatch with an alarm. It is decently packed with rare features. One of such features is the ability to remotely set an alarm on the watch.

If the price is not considered, it would be a tough decision for me to pick this smartwatch. But at this price, it leads with a wide margin. Though cheap, it still challenges more expensive smartwatches. It is essentially an activity tracker tailored for a kid’s use.

Despite all the functions, it is still very aesthetic. It is light, compact, and durable. It features an adjustable band that can fit your child even until teenage years. It is water-resistant rated at IP67. Its inbuilt USB port makes charging very easy. You can pick up any USB charger to charge it (with the right capacity, of course). The watch could stay on for a week on a single charge which takes less than three hours.

It has five alarms that could beep or vibrate or do both. As part of its fitness function, it has periodic sedentary reminders which would help your kid stay active. It pairs with your phone as a parent through the VeryFitPro app and the app is free to use. With it, you can monitor your kid, set an alarm remotely, and play around with the settings of the watch. The only thing I have against this watch (well, the app) is that it doesn’t support multiple watches. BIGGERFIVE developers should look into it so parents can pair all their kids’ watches with one phone.


  1. Timex TW4B02400 Expedition – an all-round winner

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This watch is great. I am just surprised it isn’t made by any of my favorite watch brands. If I could choose one perfect alarm watch, just one. I definitely would choose this because it packs all of the essential features I could ask for. I didn’t use this as a kid though, but I did use it as a youth just because of its reputation. It does perform more than the credit it is usually given.

It is sturdy and can withstand almost anything your kid would throw at it. Your kid can wear it in the gym, in the pool, in the bathtub, while playing football or other sports. No wonder it is used by professional athletes and military personnel.

The screen is easy to read yet it is not too big. It is indeed perfect for the hand with its medium size screen. The letterings are illuminated with Indiglo lights in the dark.

Remember I said it packs a lot of stuff, well, here are some of its functionalities – you get to see the current time, the full date as well as the day of the week.

There are just three alarms, but they are just good enough. You specify the alarm to go off on a day of the week, or weekdays or weekends. The backlight also flashes when the alarm goes off. There is an alarm indicator that flashes when the alarm goes off. You can disable the alarm with a press of a button. If you do not disable it, it snoozes itself for five minutes.

It is not only the alarm that you can tweak to fit your kid’s needs. You can also set the time zone and other functions on the watch with ease. With all these functions, the watch still manages to pack a respectable battery.  Timex battery is a crowing to all of its functions. It is a long-lasting battery. The band is made with durable cloth. The only snag is that it takes a longer time to dry should it get wet. Other than that, this is a perfect alarm clock for your kid.

There you go with kid’s watches with alarm. Now that you know the best alarm watches, how do you chose which one to buy for your kid? That is simple, I will let you in on the guide I use and have recommended to smart parents.

  • Research: You are here, so you are crossing this hurdle. Learn as much as you can about the watches in your market. What will be useful for you and your kid, how your kid would relate to the watch, the price, and other influencing features.
  • Budget: From your research, you will get the price of the watches that could fit your kid. With those prices, you can create a budget. It is with this budget you know which watch is affordable or which is too expensive. Remember, affordability doesn’t mean cheap, it means you should get the best value for your money.
  • Functionality: If you are looking for a kid’s watch with an alarm, don’t forget that it must be a watch and it must have an alarm. These are the core function you are looking for. All other functions are just bonuses.
  • Style and fit: The watch must be in style, (not obsolete) so your kid can love it. It must fit your kid physically – not too big or too small. It should also be appealing to your kid.
  • Durability: It must be durable. Kids will make the watch go through hell either intentionally or accidentally. The watch must be able to withstand all the roughness the kid would throw at it.

Each kid is unique. Your choice of watches with an alarm clock should also be tailored for each of your kids. What may appeal to your kid at age 5 may irritate him five years later. I hope this list helps you to make a perfect decision for your kid. Good luck as you choose!

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