How To Make Free Wifi Calls On Android

How to Make Free Wifi Calls on Android

Among the various transformational changes which Android devices and other smartphone phone have brought to its users, WiFi calling is one of the best so far. Through WiFi connection, Android users can now connect and call other people anywhere in the world using some dedicated apps.


Apart from serving as a seamless way of calling people, free calling WiFi apps for Android users has become an easy way of connecting people due to its low cost of connectivity. Besides offering low-cost connectivity between people, these free calling WiFi apps can also do more tasks beyond just calling any number anywhere.

Due to the extensive options available for making free WiFi calls, dropping the old fashioned method of using VOIP becomes very simple as these new free WiFi calling apps are now trending.

In the same vein, cutting the wire from landlines also becomes needful at this moment since the easy-to-access Internet and cheap Android smartphones are making things easy, especially for making calls.

One thing that makes free WiFi calls outstanding is the wide range of connection and calling options available to users through Android apps for making free WiFi calls. Also, these apps offer real ease for making high quality and cheap calls both internationally and locally from your Android device, laptops, or even landlines.

All that is required of you to enjoy this free WiFi calls using any of the Android apps are only to create an account with your phone number, and with that, you can start making free WiFi calls without hitches.


Make Free WiFi Calls Using These Android Apps

  1. Pinger

Make Free Wifi Calls on Android easily


Pinger is also another outstanding app for making free WiFi calls on your Android smartphones. You can also use this app to call landlines and obviously other smartphones.

Different from other apps on this list where you have to register with your phone number, Pinger automatically assigns a unique phone number to you. With this number, you can call and even send text messages to other numbered within the US and Canada without worrying about call charges.

An astonishing feature about Pinger is that that call or message received doesn’t necessarily need to have the Pinger app installed on their smartphones. So, with any other free WiFi calling apps which they have, they can easily call back or even reply to your messages from anywhere they may be in the world using only their WiFi connection.


  1. Tango

Make Free Wifi Calls on Android


Tango offers an app-to-app based service for Android users to communicate with their friends and family through voice or video calls using a WiFi connection.


  1. Rebtel


How to Make Free Wifi Calls on Android

This is one app for free WiFi calls that works very well on almost all kinds of smartphones. It works on other devices as we all as Android phones and tablets. You can also download the app for your windows phones and landlines. One good thing about this app is the fact that switching back and forth on a WiFi connection is without stress.

Well, this app works pretty okay, but the speed with which your conversation during calls may go is dependent on the speed of your WiFi connection. So, it’s always advised that you connect to a reliable WiFi service to get the most out of this Rebtel.


  1. Kakao Talk

This is one app for free WiFi calls that works very well on almost all kinds of smartphones. It works on other devices as we all as Android phones


Kakao Talk is yet another fantastic Android app for making free WiFi calls to users using this same type of app. With this app, you don’t need any listing to use it. All that it requires from you is your receiver’s phone number so that it can identify the user you want to call. Significant about Kakao Talk is the fact that it is compatible with both Windows and Android phones. Sure, you’ll be glad to know that this app will serve you perfectly even if you are using a 3G network.


  1. Viber

How To Place A Free WiFi Calls On Android Smartphones


Viber is easy to use since it doesn’t work out you through the stress of Manually searching for other Viber users. Once you create an account with your phone number, it automatically scans and connects you with other Viber users on your address/phone book. To use this app for sending messages and making calls, you first have to register your phone number which will serve as your ID.


See Why You Need Free WiFi Calling Apps

  • Free Sign up

Creating an account for free WiFi calls is absolutely free, and it takes not more than 5 minutes to complete the process. Once you’ve signed up, you can start making calls from your Android smartphones with just a little call credit. After this, making free calls using your WiFi is as simple as dialing your local access telephone number after then your receiver’s number.

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  • Simple App Interface and Installation

You can easily find and download any of these free WiFi calling apps through the Android Google Play store. After downloading the apps, installing them on your smartphone isn’t a task you should worry about. For apps such as Viber, it is pretty fast to download and install. All that you need to do is simply register with your email address, then verify your account through a mail sent to the email you provided.

Most of these apps have a clean and easy to navigate interface. The tabs are well marked out for dialing, contacts, messages, recent calls, etc. And for your contact list, they automatically synchronize once a new contact is added to your phone book, and every contact using a similar free WiFi calling app like yours will be instantly recognized.


  • Inexpensive Calling

Although the fact remains that you need to have at least some call credit on your Android smartphones for these apps to work with your WiFi for a call, the cost of making a call with them is almost free. As a matter of fact, the call rates for both the regular calls and using these apps have no basis for comparison.


Final Thoughts

You got it all here. No need for the wait, its time to pick up your Android smartphones to enjoy free WiFi calls at any time as well as anywhere you wish. You can always call or message your friends and loved ones from any part of the world with these apps, and you’ll have nothing to worry about heavy call-tariffs or charges from your regular carrier network provider.

Are you still thinking of trying this? Give it a shot, and you’ll keep on using this free WiFi calling apps each time you want to place a call across to people on the other side of the globe.

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