How To Connect Skullcandy Wireless

Connecting your Skullcandy wireless to your smartphone or laptop isn’t hard. The Bluetooth connection of your Skullcandy and the device it wants to pair to is all that is needed. However, locating the Bluetooth differs from one device to another. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about connecting Skullcandy wireless, and the process that we share can be used to connect Skullcandy speakers, headphones, and earbuds.

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Connecting Skullcandy with different devices

  • Windows Laptops

If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you will find the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar. If you don’t find it there, you will have to go to the Settings menu and turn it on there.

To turn the Bluetooth on, there is a slider icon with “On” on one side, slide the icon to the “On” side.  If it is the taskbar you want to use, you will see an up arrow on the taskbar, click on it to access the Bluetooth icon.

Once you turn on the Bluetooth icon, make sure you are on the discovery feature of your laptop so your Skullcandy device can see it.

How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

  • Android Phones

Connecting Skullcandy to Android phones is very easy. Just go to the Settings menu of your phone. You will see either ‘connected devices’ or ‘connectivity’, depending on the phone brand and model you’re using. Besides, some devices might have the Bluetooth icon on the first page. Whichever way it appears on your phone, just tap on it.

Turn on your Bluetooth, and make sure it is set to ‘visible.’ You will see ‘search for devices’ on a corner of your screen, tap on it. It will scan for a while, and if it sees your Skullcandy Bluetooth, it will appear. Just tap on it, and you are ready to pair.

  • Apple/macOS

If you are using an iOS or macOS device, go to the Apple menu, then select “System Preferences,” and click on Bluetooth. If your headphone is already on, it will appear on the screen. Tap on ‘connect’ and tap on ‘Accept’ too if needed.


Confirming if your Skullcandy headphone has connected

Skullcandy headphones have a way of showing you if they have paired successfully with your device. If the pairing is successful, it will beep. Also, when you switch on your Skullcandy, the LED might be blinking. This isn’t indicating a problem, because when it has successfully paired with your device, the blinking will stop.

If your Skullcandy isn’t connecting, you should start the process from the beginning. You can reset it then restart the process if the problem persists. You will need to refer to the manual that comes with your Skullcandy if you’re trying to reset it because each model has its way of resetting it.

Nonetheless, you can try out this general way of resetting – switch off your Skullcandy > once its off, hold down the volume up and down buttons at the same time. You will hear a double beep. This beep signifies that your Skullcandy has been reset.


Common problems and solutions of Skullcandy wireless

Even though wireless headphones and earbuds have advanced significantly since they arrived, there are still several problems you might come across when connecting or using your Skullcandy with your smartphone or computer. This is not because Skullcandy is lagging behind in technology advancement; this is something you will experience with other brands too. We will present you with a list of potential problems and the methods of solving them.


  1. Skullcandy not showing on smartphone

If you are among Skullcandy device owners who haven’t even gotten to try it out because it isn’t connecting, there are several things you can do to make it start working. If it is a new device, it’s no fault of yours, so if the problem persists, you can contact the manufacturer for a complaint. Once your issue has been addressed, you might get a refund or delivery of a new Skullcandy device. But first, you can try out these solutions.


Check the Bluetooth of your phone and the Bluetooth of your Skullcandy device to see if both have been turned on. This is a common occurrence among wireless device users.

You should also check if your Skullcandy device is compatible with your smartphone. If you are connecting it to an iPhone, it must run on iOS 7 upwards because those are the ones that support “Bluetooth Smart Ready.” If it’s an Android you are using, it should be running on at least Android 4.3.

Make sure your Skullcandy device and your smartphone are in close proximity when you want to connect then. Even though headphones have a long range, you should try keeping them at most three feet away, whenever you are trying to connect them together.

The pairing process of your Skullcandy device usually comes in the manual. This recommended process by the manufacturer might be what you need to connect your Skullcandy to your smartphone successfully. It might be slightly different from the normal way of connecting other headphones and earbuds. To avoid this issue of your phone not connecting with Bluetooth, you should go through the details on how to connect it and follow the instructions.

Turn it off and on again. This is an old method, but it still works sometimes.

If there is another device that has its Bluetooth turned on, you should turn it off because it might be interfering with the connection, and this may be the reason it is not connecting. Your smartphone might actually be trying to connect to this other device.

If there is a Wi-Fi router where you are, you should move away from it, because it might actually be using the same spectrum as your Skullcandy device, thereby causing some interference.


  1. Skullcandy always disconnecting

This is another frustrating issue you might experience when listening to music or podcasts you enjoy. Your headphones or earbuds connectivity might just drop completely and require you to restart the connection, or it might drop for a few seconds before reconnecting again. If you are experiencing this, you are lucky to be here because we will offer you some solutions to try out.


Try keeping your Skullcandy device and smartphone at close range. You might even make them closer than the manufacturer’s stipulated listening range because the extended distance might be what is actually causing the disconnection.

Turning off the Bluetooth connection of other devices might just be the solution you need. Your smartphone might be overwhelmed by several Bluetooth connections of other devices that are trying to connect to it, alongside your Skullcandy device.

Check the battery power of your Skullcandy device and make sure it has enough power. Wireless headphones tend to disconnect periodically if the battery power is low.

Turning your device on and off can still be done in this scenario. Also, you can simply unpair both devices and repair them again.


  1. Pairing process keeps on falling

This is another issue most people face. When connecting their Skullcandy with their smartphone, the pairing process might run forever, or an error message will appear. If this is the problem you are experiencing, there is a way to solve it.


If you have any unnecessary or unused Bluetooth connection, delete it. It might be that your smartphone Bluetooth connection is acting this way because there are lots of devices you have connected to in the past, and they are taking up unnecessary space in the Bluetooth connectivity list.

If this doesn’t work out, you can try out the solutions offered in “device not showing on a smartphone.”


  1. Static or crackling noise when using Skullcandy device

Bluetooth technology has come a long way. However, you might be experiencing this for different reasons, such as your Skullcandy being an old model. If this is the case, then follow the solutions offered below.

Disable or turn off any device that is nearby, which has Bluetooth connectivity.

If the problem persists, just refer to the Skullcandy packaging manual and check out how to reset it. You can also visit the Skullcandy website and check how to reset it if you can’t find the manual.

Turn on your media player. When it is on, you should disconnect your Skullcandy device for 30 seconds, then try repairing them.

Also, try reducing the distance between your Skullcandy device and your smartphone. Doing this might actually help in solving the problem.


These methods have all been proven to resolve some of Skullcandy’s headphone connectivity issues. However, if all of the troubleshooting methods we mentioned aren’t working, it is best you contact the manufacturer or visit a professional electronics repairman. Nevertheless, it is safer to contact the manufacturer so as to be on the safe side.


Best Skullcandy wireless

Skullcandy makes impressive headphones and earbuds, which are slightly low priced than most quality ones you will find. Besides, most headphones by Skullcandy are lightweight, so they won’t cause discomfort when using them. However, their lightweight also means they are likely to break easily, so they should be handled with care. Nevertheless, you will enjoy your Skullcandy device for a very long time.


  1. Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone


Check Price Here

If you want a stylish headphone with minimalist design, then the Hesh 3 is for you. Apart from its sleek look, it also has high-end audio drivers that make this headphone produce impressive sound.

Moreover, it is an over the ear headphone, so it will cover your ear and cancel out noise. You can also fit this headphone into your bag or purse because it is foldable, so it takes less space. The battery life is also impressive. With a charge of 10 minutes, the battery will last you for 22 hours.


  1. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone


Check Price Here

This Skullcandy headphone also looks stylish. Its most impressive feature is its immersive audio. It has adjustable sensory bass. There are two full-range 40mm audio, plus dual bass drivers. Once it’s over your head and its speakers are on your ear, whatever you are listening to will make you feel alive. Besides, it is designed to be over the ear so that it will cancel out noise.

It has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz, and impendence of 33 Ohms±15%(acoustic) and 13 Ohms(crusher).

Its battery life is also impressive. With a full charge, you can use it for up 40 hours. It also features a rapid charge that will last you for 3 hours with just 10 minutes charge.


  1. Skullcandy Venue Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphone – White/Crimson


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This Skullcandy headphone comes in white and crimson color. This is unlike most Skullcandy headphones you will come across, which are always color black. Skullcandy Venue calls for attention, and it puts you in a class of your own.

The most impressive feature of this headphone is its ambient mode, which actively blocks out noise.

It has a battery life of 24 hours if you fully charge it. The rapid charge feature is also available on this headphone. Also, it has a Tile tracker built into it.


  1. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Silver/Black


Check Price Here

Skullcandy Hesh 2 comes in silver and black. Just like Skullcandy Venue, these headphones also stand out from the rest. Its silver color adds some character to the headphone design, which also makes it look plush.

Apart from its impressive design, it comes with synthetic leather ear pads that make its speakers rest on your ear without straining it, thereby making it possible to use this headphone for long hours. It also has an ultra-durable headband, which makes this headphone last longer.

This Skullcandy headphone has a sound pressure level of 105dB, an impedance of 33ohms, and a frequency respiratory of 20Hz – 20KHz.

It has a battery life of 15 hours if it is fully charged.


  1. Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud



Check Price Here

Skullcandy tags the Indy Evo as an alternative to overpriced earbuds. Looking at the price and functionality of this earbud, it is a bit inexpensive than other quality earbuds, and its functionality is excellent too.

It offers touch controls that will allow you to do all you want directly from the earbuds. You can switch EQ modes (music, movie, podcast), answer calls, activate assistant, adjust volume, and turn on Ambient mode so as to block out noise. All these can be done without pulling your phone out.

The Indy Evo will give you up to 30 hours of playtime on a full charge. It also features rapid charge.

This earbud is IP55 water, sweat, and dust resistant, so this improves its life expectancy. It also has built-in Tile technology. Besides, if you ever lose or damage any part of this earbud, there is a Fearless Use Promise backing it. It means Skullcandy will replace it for you at a discount.


  1. Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless In-Ear Earbud


Check Price Here

Skullcandy considers the Sesh as their lightest and smallest true wireless earbuds that also packs a full punch of some of the newest technology. Nevertheless, this earbud is really impressive.

It has an impendence of 16 Ohms ±15%, a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz, a driver diameter of 6mm, and a sound pressure level of 99-105dB. All these give it an impressive sound.

It is slightly similar to the Indy Evo because it has a single button that you can use to control this earbud. You can also activate the assistant for automatic functionality.

It has a battery life of 10 hours on a full charge. Also, it is IP55 sweat, water, and dust resistant, which makes it last longer.


How to connect skull candy headphones

The process of connecting your brand new Skullcandy wireless headphone to a Bluetooth device can be a bit confusing. The steps below are meant to guide you through the process and help you get your device up in a few minutes.

Step 1: Turn on the Pairing Mode on the Skullcandy Headphone:

To activate the Bluetooth connectivity of the headphone, simply press the Power or Bluetooth button by the side of the headphone for about 5 seconds. You will notice an LED light flashing to confirm that the Bluetooth connectivity is on.

Step 2: Locate the Headphone on your Bluetooth device:

Here, you have to turn on the Bluetooth connectivity of your phone, laptop, or tablet and search for the Skullcandy headphone there.

Step 3: Confirm that the Pairing Process is Successful:

There are different ways to confirm that your Skullcandy headphone was paired successfully. First, you will hear a beep sound and then you will notice that the LED light that was initially flashing will stop. If you have gone through these steps enumerated above and the LED light is still flashing you have to try again from step 1 and if it still doesn’t work, you may have to reset the headphone.


How to connect Skullcandy wireless earbuds

The process of pairing the Skullcandy earbuds is quite easy and straightforward, if you follow the steps below, you should have your device up in a few minutes.

Step 1: Activate the pairing mode on your Skullcandy earbuds:

There is an on/off button by the side of the earbud that also serves as the Bluetooth function trigger. Press the power button and hold for about 5 seconds and you should see the LED blinking. Please note that the power button is sometimes used for other functions, so it is right to consult the manual of the Skullcandy earbud to know how to concretely activate this pairing mode.

Step 2: locate the earbud on your Bluetooth device

On your Bluetooth device (phone, laptop, or tablet), turn on the Bluetooth mode of the device and search Bluetooth devices, if you did step 1 correctly, you should see the earbud on the list of pairable devices.

Step 3: Confirm that the Bluetooth was successfully paired

The common way to check if the pairing was successful is to play a sound, if you didn’t hear a sound, check to see if the LED is still blinking, if it is blinking, it means the pairing was not successful and you have to start all over again.


How to pair Skullcandy headphones


To pair your Skullcandy headphone to a Bluetooth device, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity mode of the Skullcandy headphone by pressing the power button by the side of the headphone.

Step 2: Locate the Headphones on the Bluetooth device

  1. On a laptop: Click on the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar of the laptop, click show “Show Bluetooth devices’ ‘ and select “Bluetooth and other devices ‘. A list of available devices will show and you can click on the Skullcandy to start pairing.
  2. Android: Go to the setting of the device, select “Pair new devices” and you will see a list of paired and available devices. Select the model of the Skullcandy headset you want to pair and click it.
  3. IOS: Similar to Android, go to settings of the iPhone and enable the Bluetooth to become visible to other devices, then search for the model of your Skullcandy headphone in the “Other devices’ ‘ section and select it.

Step 3; Confirm the connectivity: If the pairing was successful, the blinking LED should stop and you can proceed to use the device. If the LED is still blinking after the pairing, it means the pairing was not successful, you may need to start the pairing again.


How to Connect Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds.

The first thing to do when connecting any Bluetooth device to the Skullcandy Bluetooth earbud is to turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode on both devices. If you are not sure how to turn on the Bluetooth on the Skullcandy earbud, you should consult your manual. This is because turning on the Bluetooth pairing mode differs depending on the model of the earbud.


The next action line is pairing the Skullcandy earbud to the Bluetooth device (phone, laptop, PS4, etc). To do this, go to the Bluetooth setting of any of these devices and search for a nearby Bluetooth device, you should see the name of the earbud that you want to pair. When you have it, click on it to begin pairing.


Finally, try playing a sound to confirm that the pairing was successful if it was not. Check to see if the LED blight that blinking has stopped, if it hasn’t, you have to pair both devices all over again. In some rare cases, resetting the Skullcandy earbud may be the solution to the pairing issue but this should be done as a last resort.


Connecting your Skullcandy wireless is quite easy. All it requires is just switching on the Bluetooth of your Skullcandy device and the Bluetooth of your smartphone/laptop. Also, try to read the instructions on the manual that comes with your Skullcandy device so that you can understand your device better.

If you are experiencing a connection error, we also made sure we cover all the solutions you can try out. However, if you are still experiencing the connecting error, make sure you contact the manufacturer to submit a complaint.


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