How to Convert Youtube to Mp3

Convert Youtube to Mp3


Converting YouTube to mp3 allows you to access the video in audio format, so you won’t have to be looking at the screen actively. It is an excellent choice if you want to multi-task or just want an ambient sound in your room, without wasting your mobile device battery because videos drain more battery life than audios.

The good part is that you can convert YouTube videos on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. All you need to do is visit some particular websites or install apps that will do that for you within minutes.


What Things Should I Note Before Converting YouTube to Mp3


The YouTube video you want to convert, you will need the link. It is the link you will copy then paste into the YouTube converter.

If you are using the YouTube GO app to stream the video, you won’t be able to access the link. You will need to view the video on the YouTube app, or you can go to your web browser and access the video through

However, there is a more straightforward way of converting YouTube to MP3. You won’t even need to copy and paste any link. This app is called Vidmate.

The only downside is that you won’t find it on the Google play store and it doesn’t work on iPhones. Some claim they are able to use it on their iPhone; however, on Vidmate’s official website, they published that it isn’t yet available for iOS users. This might be cloned apps parading as the real ones so as to harvest your data, so beware of them.

You can download the Vidmate app on their official website. However, if you only download apps on Google Play store, we will offer you other methods you can use to convert YouTube to MP3.


Converting YouTube to MP3 on Vidmate


Vidmate has a simplistic interface. You don’t have to be a tech wiz to be able to use it. The best part is that it is bite-sized. Apart from converting YouTube to MP3, you can convert videos on Facebook, Vimeo, 9 gag, and so on to MP3. Moreover, you can download videos in different formats on this app. To convert YouTube to MP3 on vidmate, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Vidmate app You can download vidmate apk file from their website scroll down until you find the download button then tap on it.

If it doesn’t start installing immediately, it will bring up a menu telling you to allow your device to download from unknown sources. Follow the instruction. When you’re done, the installation will start. It might take a few minutes before it successfully installs on your device.

Note: If you search for the vidmate app via any search engine, you will see the app on several third-party app stores. I won’t recommend anyone to download the app from these app stores. Keep searching until you find the Vidmate official website.

  1. Open the app

After it has finished installing, launch the app. At the top of the app’s homepage, you will see a search box, tap on it. Input the name of the video (if you have the link to the video you can also input it there). From the search results, you will see the video you want to convert.

  1. Start the conversion

On the right side of the video you want to convert, you will see a download icon. Tap on it, then wait until it finishes analyzing for a few seconds. A pop-up menu will appear with three audio formats. Tap on the one you want — 128k (M4A), 128k (MP3), 256k (MP3). After picking an audio format, then tap on download. The video will start converting to audio.

There is another download icon at the upper right corner of the page. Tap on it, and you will see the downloading process. Once it finishes downloading, you can play it instantly because Vidmate has a built-in media player.

Also, you can check your main music player to see if it appears there. If not, then go to your file manager and locate the video. It is usually in the Vidmate folder. Copy it, then paste it in the folder that contains your other songs. Check your music player now. You will see it there.


Converting YouTube to MP3 on Android/PC


There are several YouTube to mp3 conversion websites, but the most straightforward website to use is ytmp3. It is easier and faster. However, it doesn’t give you the option of choosing the audio quality you want. But from experience, I can say that the quality is excellent.

  1. Go to ytmp3

Open your web browser and input in any search engine of your choice. On the website homepage, you will see a search box. At the bottom of the search box, you will see “mp3” and “mp4”. Pick mp3.

  1. Start converting

Suppose you haven’t copied the video link. Open a new tab, then go to YouTube and copy the video link. Return to the ytmp3 homepage, then paste the link in the search box and tap on convert.

  1. Download the mp3


It will take a few seconds to convert. After the conversion, you will see two buttons, “download” and “Dropbox.” If you tap on download, the mp3 will save into your device storage. If you tap on “Dropbox,” it will save into your Dropbox cloud. Choose anyone you want. The conversion process will take a few minutes, depending on the length of the file.


Converting YouTube to MP3 on iPhone/Mac


In this article, we will make use of IOTransfer. There are others you can use, but most convert your YouTube video to mp3 slowly. If you are converting a large file, you will definitely get tired of waiting for a long time before your mp3 is ready.

The only downside of this method is that there is no iPhone app for it. If it’s an app you will prefer, you can use ‘Video to mp3 app’ or my ‘mp3 app’. They are straightforward to use.

Nevertheless, we will show you how to send it to your phone from your Mac computer, through IOTransfer.

1 Install IOTransfer

Install this application on your computer. Launch it when you are done with the installation, then connect your iPhone to the computer. Wait for it to be recognized. A notification might pop up “Trust this Computer.” Tap on “Trust” so that you can continue the process.

If it does not recognize your device, remove the USB cable from the computer then plug it into the port again. If it still doesn’t work, you will have to restart the application.

  1. Download the video

At the top of the IOTransfer homepage, you will see “VIDEOS” tap on it. A blank field will appear, paste the YouTube video link in the blank field. Now tap on “Download Location” and then choose the folder you want to save it in. Click on download.

  1. Start the conversion

After the video has finished downloading, you will see a list on the left side of the screen. Among this list, you will find ‘Converter,’ click on it. Add the downloaded video then pick mp3 as your preferred output format.

There is a tiny box above “Automatically transfer the converted video into your iOS device.” Tick the box, because if you don’t, the video won’t save into your iPhone. Now, click on convert.


Can I cut YouTube to MP3 files?


After you have successfully downloaded and converted the YouTube video to audio, there might be some parts you wish you could cut away, maybe an advert. There are lots of apps you can use. Just visit the Google play store and Apple app store. You will see numerous apps.

What to do before cutting the mp3 file

It is important you plan this out well before the cutting. Get a sheet of paper and a pen or make use of the notepad on your phone. I find it hard to use the notepad because I will have to minimize the music player, then go to the notepad, then minimize the notepad and return to the music player. It even sounds like stress, and truthfully it is stressful. So I prefer doing it the traditional way, with a pen and piece of paper.

Go to your music player and select the mp3 file you want to cut. Write down 0:00. That is the start of the MP3 file.

Start playing the MP3 file. If it’s lengthy, you can fast forward it a bit until it reaches where the advert starts, then pause it. Write down the number; for instance, the advert might start at 0:30, write it down.

Go back to your music player and resume the MP3 file. Start from where the advert begins, that is 00:30, then continue listening to it until it gets to the end of the advert, then pause it. Write down the number; for instance, it could be 00:40. Check the end of the song and write down the number there. In this blog post, the end is 5:07.


If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, you will need to now. I will be using Video to MP3 converter app. You can get it on the Google play store. Use this link.


Steps to cut an mp3 file

  1. Install the app

After installing it, launch the app, and then tap on ‘audio cutter.’ You will see a search icon at the top. Tap on it, and then input the name of the mp3 file. Tap on it when it appears. A new page will open. You will see two bars, one at the start of the song and the other at the end of the song.

  1. Start cutting

The first number you wrote down (00:00), leave the bar at the start there. The second number you wrote down (00:30), move the end bar there.

At the top of the bars, you will see a box with numbers in it. Those numbers are what will tell you that you are already at 00:30. When you are done, tap on the icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Start converting

Generally, the volume will be automatically set to 100%, leave it like that. Leave the bitrate like that too. Increasing them will make the sound quality terrible, while reducing them will make you not enjoy them because of their low sound. Just input the name you want for the MP3 file and then tap on “convert.”

The converting process will take a few seconds, depending on the length of the video. Once the conversion is done, it will save into your phone storage. You can easily access it on your music player.

  1. Start cutting again

Go back to the app. Move the bar at the start to where the advert ends (00:40). Do not touch the bar at the end. Tap on the icon at the upper right corner. Do not change the bitrate and the volume, just change the name. Tap on convert and wait till the conversion process ends.

  1. Merge them

Now you have two different files. The first file — the start of the mp3 file to where the advert begins. The second file — the end of the advert to the end of the MP3 file.

Most mp3 cutting apps also allow you to merge. Just go back to the home page of the app. Tap on ‘audio merger.’ A new page will appear. Search for both files. Normally you will see them at the top. Select the first file you cut before the second one. Then tap on next. A new page will appear, tap on merge. You will have to input a new name. Then tap on merge again. The merging process will take a few minutes.

Your mp3 file is now ready without adverts. You can now delete the original MP3 file, and the ones you cut. Start listening to the one you merged.


Now that you know how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 and cut out the wanted parts, you can now have the perfect audio versions of your favorite YouTube videos. Most of the conversion and cutting apps also allow you to share the final result of the mp3. You and your friends can now have an incredible listening experience. We hope you will find this information useful.


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