Can You Put A Subwoofer Behind A Closet?

Can You Put A Subwoofer Behind A Closet?

Yes, you can. But I will like you to read till the end.

The setup for your sound system can be one of the hardest things to do by yourself, from the arrangement of the wires (if it’s not a wireless setup) to the positioning of the woofers and speakers. Sometimes the size and structure of the room become a very determining and important factor when choosing how to arrange your sound system. Trust me I know how hectic this can be.


As you know or if you don’t, the subwoofer is the most important and paradoxically the most neglected and overlooked part of a sound system set-up. Most sound systems with audio output come with their own speakers, but it’s the subwoofer that actually enhances and gives you a quality listening experience. So, most definitely the arrangement or placement of your subwoofer cannot be overemphasized as you need to have splendid and swell listening with your new sound system.


When it comes to arranging the parts of your sound system or the placement of your subwoofer, I always advise that people experiment because of other external factors like the size and also the existing structure and design of the room. It may seem hectic, but it is definitely worth the try. So what I’m saying invariably is that for you to know if your speakers should be kept beside the door or if your subwoofer should be placed in a closet or on the roof, the only way you can achieve first-hand information is if you try or experiment it out for yourself. But since you are here to find information about whether or not your subwoofer can be kept in a closet, I can also just give it to you.


You’re probably expecting a simple yes or no answer to your question, but I would like to make you understand that there are factors in place that may be important to look out for before placing your subwoofer in a closet. Such factors might be the size of the subwoofer or even the height and length. Also, the size and strength or durability of your closet might probably come into play and also and more importantly, how sound works or will work if your subwoofer is placed in a closet. While it is important to put all of this into consideration, it is also expedient to note that “more bass doesn’t always mean better sound” as that might be the reason you may be considering putting your subwoofer in a closet.


Consider the following factors when placing your subwoofer:


Getting sound systems or subwoofers of high and top-notch quality isn’t much of a big deal at all, as there are so many vendors of great credibility. The issue or challenge that may arise might be just how this sound system can be placed to ensure that quality sound is going to be produced when it is used. There are a lot of various factors to consider when placing your subwoofer because placing your subwoofer correctly will in turn give you the quality sound you desire. So, listed below are some basic and interesting factors you should consider while placing your subwoofer at home or in any room of your choice.


  • Setting up your subwoofer just against your wall will cause bass waves to reflect, which will in fact lead to unpleasant and bickering sounds and a really rash bass tone. Also, there’s a greater chance of the bass reverberating through the wall, which as you know, your neighbor or neighbors will definitely not like or buy that idea. It can be really disturbing and annoying.
  • Most times or even for a general fact, corners aren’t really the best of positions for your subwoofer. Yes! Placing your subwoofer at a corner will cause the bass waves to bounce off the wall in various directions, thereby making them collide harshly with each other on their way back. This can result in very unpleasant and very low-quality bass tones, which I know you wouldn’t want.
  • This is probably the most limiting factor when it comes to placing your subwoofer. Wires. Wireless setups can really be a pain in the neck and can also disrupt the beauty of your also advisable your wires are placed nicely and neatly in order to reduce hazards around the house as someone or even you might get tripped by the numbers of wires lying on the floor around the house. An alternative, an effective alternative that is, will be to buy a wireless sub.
  • Like mentioned earlier, the position and size of your closet or furniture is a very determining factor to consider when contemplating if your subwoofer will be suited for that location or not.
  • It is also important to note that your subwoofer is one of those designed to a port or a small hole just behind it to allow for adequate airflow, it would not be advisable to place it in areas that will not allow for it to receive the adequate air it needs. Rather, it will be advisable that your subwoofer should be placed a distance as far as a meter or a half meter away (depending on the size of the port) from a wall. For example, if your subwoofer has an 8″ port, it should be placed 8 12″ away from a wall. That’s pretty easy to understand, isn’t it?


Please note, just like I stated earlier that finding the best placement or position of your subwoofer is definitely by trying the old trial and error method. Put your subwoofer in seemingly favorable positions and listen to the quality of sound that is going to be produced in such positions while comparing it with other positions you might have tried in the house.


Placing a subwoofer on a shelf or in your closet:


You’ve been probably scheming through this article to get to this point where you might get an answer close to a “yes or no ” response. Well, this is something that seems like that.

Note that if your subwoofer is typically a front-firing kind of subwoofer, it can be placed on a shelf or in a closet. The same rule of heaviness applies here. For decoupling, vibration pads can be placed just under the shelf or closet so that minimum sound vibrations are transferred to the floor.

But be sure, I mean very sure that your subwoofer is not being suffocated in your closet. To be on the safe side, place it somewhere else order than inside your closet to avoid your subwoofer from getting spoilt for not getting the adequate air it requires.


Suggestions on other places your subwoofer can/should be placed.

Other than aesthetics, the placement of your subwoofer is very important because where it is located goes a long way in determining the quality of sound your subwoofer will produce.

So below are some positions and places you might want to place your subwoofer:


  • You can definitely place the subwoofer on a table or a raised platform to elevate it but there is a catch. The table has to be really heavy to avoid being bothered or shaken from the vibration that would erupt from the subwoofer when it is in action.
  • In fact, anywhere that is airy and slightly raised above ground level and is not in positions advised against earlier on in this article is a great spot to place your subwoofer.


Note also that placing your subwoofer just on the floor might not be a good idea because of reasons such as vibration which will be highly generated and transferred to rooms adjacent to yours and also to properties beneath yours. It is very important to just have this knowledge at the back of your mind. Get something like a pad to put beneath your subwoofer or better still erect an elevated structure that your subwoofer can be placed on and also be able to give your subwoofer the adequate air that it requires.



Summarizing this piece, it is very important to note all the points brought out in this article. From all that has been said above, we can say that it would not in any way be ideal to place subwoofers on the floor. However, the floor is the safest option for the placement of your subwoofer just trying to make an elevation for it to avoid what vibrations from it might cause. Also, the air is very important for your subwoofer to function properly. No matter how small your room or apartment may be, it is very important your subwoofer is put in a place open to receive air to prevent overheating and ensure the longevity of your subwoofer.

Finally, don’t be scared to experiment with spaces and positions in your apartment or room as you can never go wrong with the old but evergreen method of trial and error. Be sure that your placement doesn’t put your subwoofer at risk and also as important that it doesn’t cause disturbance to your neighbors around.

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