Can I Use Nail Polish Remover to Clean Airpod’s Case?

Can I Use Nail Polish Remover to Clean Airpod’s Case?

Cleaning your AirPod’s Case is not a bad idea as it could get dirty. However, using a suitable substance to clean is essential. After carrying out proper findings, I can tell you if it is right to use Nail Polish remover to clean your AirPod’s Case.

You shouldn’t use Nail polish Remover to clean your AirPod’s Case. This is because it contains harmful chemicals to the material your Airpod’sCasing is made from. Using it could deform, weaken, or destroy your Airpod’s Casing.

Your Airpod’s Casing is essential as it serves as a protective shield for your Airpod’s. Its destruction would compromise the safety of your Airpod’s. We know you do not want that. That is why we would tell you all you need to know about properly taking care of your Airpod’s Case.


Why Is Nail Polish Remover Harmful to My Airpod’sCase

Nail Polish Remover is harmful to your Airpod’s Case because of a particular chemical in its constituents. This chemical which is known as Acetone is a constituent in most nail polish removers. It is volatile enough to melt the plastic. This is the reason why you should not use it on your Airpod’sCasing. It could take away the glossy coating, which makes your Airpod’s Case look classy, and in the worst-case scenario, it could completely ruin your Airpod.


Is The Reaction of The Nail Polish Remover on My Airpod’s Case Reversible?

No, the reaction is permanent and cannot be reversed. Using the Nail Polish Remover on your Airpod’s Case is equivalent to setting it on fire. The damage is permanent, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Are There Other Chemical Substances I Should Not Use On My Airpod’s Case?


Acetone is not the only chemical you should avoid using on your Airpod’s Case. Other chemicals can mar or even destroy your Airpod’s Case if they come in contact with it. They are:

1.      Bleach

While it is true that bleach has a whitening effect, it is not advisable to use it. It would work but would damage the plastic of your Airpod’s Case, making it more fragile.

2.      Benzene

This has the same effects on your Airpod’s Case that Acetone has. It can discolor the Case, soften the plastic, and even make it swell.

3.      Ammonia

Ammonia will soften the plastic of your Airpod’s Case and make it soft and fragile.

4.      Xylene

This chemical is coarse enough to weaken the plastic, cause discoloration and swellings.

5.      High-grade Ethanol Alcohol

This could cause your Airpod’s Casing to melt and lose color. Consequently, it can make your Airpod stop working.

6.      Sodium Chloride

Common table salt could clean well. However, its grains could get into your Airpod’s and stop them from functioning correctly.

7.      Petroleum

This would have similar effects as Benzene. Please do not use it on your Airpod’s Case.

8.      Hydrochloric Acid

This chemical can be mixed with water to form a cleaning agent. However, that would be harsh on the Case and could melt your Casing, wrecking it.

This is a list of some chemicals that are harmful to your Airpod’s Case. Do not use them on your Case. in fact, do a thorough check online before using any substance on your Airpod’s Case.

What Is Ideal for Cleaning My Airpod’s Casing?

There are mild substances that would clean your Airpod’s without being destructive. Below are a few cleaners we recommend:

1.      Eraser

While this may seem too simple or even come off as surprising, one thing for riding your Airpod’s Case of stains is your regular eraser. Just use it on the dirt and watch it clean off.

There are also magic erasers out there. You do not want to try them on your Airpod’sCase as it could undo the glossy coating. Just a regular eraser is enough to get the job done.

2.      Distilled Water

Distilled water is the most common liquid you can use to clean your Airpod’s Case. This is the cleanest form of water you could find. Add some mild soap to it, and you can have that sparkling Airpod’s Case again

3.      Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is excellent for cleaning your Airpod’s Case. It is mild and would not cause any melting or discoloration. While isopropyl alcohol could work, it could cause slight discoloration of your Airpod’s outer layer.

4.      Wipes

Wipes can also work. They can clean your Airpod’s Case and remove dirt.

You can use the above listed to clean your Airpod’s Case. Another option you could consider is getting an Airpod’s cleaner Kit, which comes with all you need to clean the Case and the Airpoditself.

There Are Black Dots on My Airpod’sCase. How Do I Get Rid of Them?

If these two dots are symmetrically positioned at the lower part of the front side of your Airpod’s Casing, then there is nothing you can do about it. These dots are caused by heat. this could either result from:

  • Using third party cables or adaptors
  • Using iPad power adaptors
  • Charging in cars

While the spots would not affect your Airpod or the Case, they would worsen if you did not follow the instructions above.

What If the Stains Won’t Get Off My Airpod’s Case?

Well, the truth is this: not all stains are removable. While the eraser or alcohol might remove a certain degree of stains, it cannot handle stains. Such stains would remain on your Airpod’sCase forever, and you would have to use it that way. Another option is getting a new Airpod.

Can Dirt Affect My Airpod’s Case?

Your Airpod’s Case isn’t just a housing unit for your Airpod’s. It’s also built to charge your AirPods. As with everything electronic, your Airpod’s Case can get damaged or function abnormally if it is left dirty for a long time. This is why it is advisable to clean it regularly. Try to clean it as often as you can to avoid dirt accumulation.

Is It Possible To Clean The Inside Of My Airpod’s Case?

Yes, however, this must be done with great care and caution. It is best to use a cotton swab on the inside of your Airpod’s Case. This is soft and delicate enough to reach those spots that your fingers can’t. Clean the inside and even the charging ports to ensure that your Airpod’s keep charging fast.

Investing in an Airpod’s cleaner kit could prove very rewarding here. You could take advantage today and get one to make the cleaning process easier for you.

How do I Keep My Airpod’s Case from Dirt?

Even though you can always clean up your Airpod’s Case, some stains won’t come off. It is best to avoid such stains by taking steps to keep your Case away from dirt.

One thing you could do is to keep them in a separate pocket, away from all the other stuff that could cause stains. If you wear jeans regularly, you can cultivate the habit of keeping your Airpod’s in the tiny pockets of your jeans.

Another method, which is the easiest way to keep your Airpod’s safe from dirt, is getting an Airpod’s Case Cover. These covers come in various types and have varying prices. If you would prefer casings with a reasonable price, you can check HAMILE Airpod Cover. If you want something with a mid-range price, then the MOBOSI Airpod Case Cover would be your pick. However, if you fancy a Casing with extravagant features, you should consider the Urban Armor Gear UAG.

Best Practices for Keeping Your Airpod’s Case Clean

Keeping your Airpod’s Case clean is of significant priority. Following the little list below will ensure that your Airpod’s Case stays clean at all times.

1.      Clean Occasionally

Take out time to regularly clean your Airpod’s Case. You could clean it once a week for a start. This regular cleaning would ensure that dirt doesn’t get stuck permanently on the Case.

2.      Keep Away from Dirt

Try as much as you can to keep your Airpod’s Case away from dirt. One thing you can do is keep it in a special pocket all the time.

3.      Clean Using Recommended Materials and Solvents

Clean your Airpod’s using only the recommended materials and Solvents. Do not use any other method or tools as this could destroy or mar your Casing.

4.      Buy An Airpod’s Case Cover

This would save you from many hassles. Just buy an Airpod’s Case Cover and offer that extra protection to your Airpod’s.


Your Airpod’s Case is critical as it houses, charges, and protects your Airpod. Keeping them in the best working state possible is dependent on using the most suitable materials and Solvents for cleaning. Follow our guide, and you will be glad you did. Not only will your Airpod’s Case be clean, but its durability will be efficiently preserved.

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