Can Fake AirPods Find My IPhone?


There are many reasons why many people buy fake AirPod; top of the reasons people buy them is because of the cost. Some of these fake AirPods are pretty good, especially compared to their pricing, but as expected, they have some limitations. In this article, I will be looking at one of the limitations: the possibility of using the ‘find my AirPod’ feature on your iPhone to locate a fake AirPod. Find out more as you read along!


Can fake AirPods find my iPhone?

No, if they are fake, you cannot use the ‘Find my’ feature on the iPhone to find the Airpods. The ‘find my device’ cannot function with fake AirPods because they are not made of Apple Firmware and GPS sensors. In iPhones, firmware refers to the operating system of the phone, which is iOS. It is the software that controls the hardware. It contains all the Iphone’s pre-installed apps such as Safari, Mail, Notes, etc. it also contains all the phone’s internal programming that controls things like booting and connection to both private and Public Networks.

The iPhone also comes with a GPS chip that works with your Wifi and phone towers to calculate the phone distance.
Original AirPods have a sensor that enables the iPhone to find their location on the map. However, Fake AirPods do not come with this Apple sensor, making it difficult for the iPhone to find them.


Can fake AirPods Connect Automatically to my iPhone?

The technology that makes it possible for AirPod to connect Automatically to your iPhone is the W1 Chip. Before now, it was hard to see a fake AirPod that can pair to an iPhone immediately when it is brought out of the charging case. However, the situation is fast changing.


Some fake AirPods have now raised their game and now use the same W1 chips as Apple to make their products. These new fake AirPods are now more advanced and can now replicate the auto-pairing of the real AirPod. They have also gone further to enhance their features, including audio, design, and gesture control.

Ideally, when you buy fake AirPods, you are usually worried about the quality, but these fake AirPods are now bridging the gap between the real and fake AirPods. The ability to pair automatically is no doubt a big win for fake AirPods. We now have AirPod replicas that support auto connectivity for as much as 100 meters. These fake devices come with Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging. With a similarity of 75 to 80% to the original AirPod, it is becoming more challenging to differentiate between the fake and original AirPods.


How do I identify fake AirPods?

Serial Number

This is the best way to tell if the AirPod you have or want to buy is real or fake. Apple maintains a repository of all its products, so by inputting the serial number of your AIrpod on the Apple website, you should be able to tell if it is real or fake;

Checking for Serial Number:

To check your serial number, navigate to the Apple website and submit the serial number of your AirPod; if it is an original AirPod, you should get some details about it, including the valid Purchase Date, repair, and service coverage, and telephone technical support. If the AirPod is fake, you will not get any response from the query.

If you don’t know where to get the serial, open the charging case lid and check under it, you will see the serial number there. On the alternative, you can navigate Settings>General>About>AirPod, and you will find it there.

Fake AirPod, having verified Serial Number.

Before now, the serial number was required to validate the authenticity of AirPod, but that is no longer the case. Most fake AirPod makers have now found a way of stamping a genuine serial number on their AirPod to trick buyers into thinking that these are real AirPods. Because these serial numbers are from real AirPod sold by Apple, if you validate the serial number on the Apple website, you will get a confirmation that the serial number you entered is accurate. However, even if you get validation that the serial number you entered is actual, you can still use it to know If it is real or not. An example is inputting a serial number, and it is telling you the serial number belongs to Apple AirPod Pro max; when the device you have is AirPod 2, that should tell you that it is fake.

Purchase Date not Validated Error

Another common error people get when they input their AirPod serial number on the Apple site is Purchase Date not validated. While this may look like a clue that the device is fake, it is normal. This message is common among AirPods and other Apple devices bought from Apple resellers and not from Apple’s official stores or websites. Ideally, Apple expects that the reseller will report back the serial number of Apple products sold, but sometimes they fail to do that, prompting the error. This can be fixed by clicking ‘update Purchase Date’ and inputting the purchase date on your purchase receipt.

‘About AirPods’ Not seen on Setting:

Another simple way to validate the authenticity of your AirPods is by opening the lid of the charging case, navigating to Settings>general>About. If there is no About Page on the iPhone, then the AirPod is fake. The ‘About’ page contains details about the AirPod such as Model Number, AirPod Manufacturer, Firmware version, Serial number, and hardware version.


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Best Budget-friendly AirPod Alternatives to Buy in 2021

AirPods can be pretty expensive; if it is beyond your budget, but you still want to get something good, you can try any of these alternatives:

SkullCandy Indy Wireless Earbud



This comes with a design that supports noise isolation. It also has some silicone tips, just like the AirPod. It goes for about $43 on Amazon. Aside from the bass quality, which is a little below Airpods, the color is another major significant difference between this and AirPod. Skullcandy is known for high-quality audio devices, and its products come in different colors.

This device offers you a total of 16hours of battery life. The earbuds can last for hours after a single charge, and with the charging case, you can sustain it up to 16 hours, although the battery deteriorates after a few months of daily use.

This earbud comes with a removable stability gel that makes it a secure fit, and for people like me that often lose their earbuds during activities like jumping, cycling, and jogging, this is a sure relief. The Bluetooth connectivity supports easy pairing to many devices, and with its IPX5 rating, it is resistant to dust, water, and sweat.


EarFun Wireless Earbud



First, each earbud has two microphones in each earbud, making your voice clearer and crisper during phone calls. The earbud also isolates background noise and makes taking calls in noisy and windy places possible. The earbud also allows you to pair just one of the earbuds instead of both.

In terms of battery life, you are guaranteed seven hours of listening time and an additional 28 hours with the charging case. It also has an IPX7 rating which means it is waterproof.

Although the base is a little bit lower than that of AirPods, other features of the earbuds are worth the price.


Urbanista Stockholm Plus True Wireless Earbuds



This earbud looks very similar to the AirPod, except that it comes in different colors. It is made by the renowned Stockholm tech company and has some of the best features you can find on any earbud, including Siri, the voice assistant, and Google voice control. The device is also water-resistant, with a rating of IPX4.

The battery life is superb, lasting over 20 hours with the charging case. It also comes with an outer-touch control to give you a fantastic hand-free experience.

You will like the audio quality, which for that price is highly impressive. The only downside to this device is the not-too-good bass quality. This, I think, is compensated with its incredible speech intelligence, sleek design quality microphone, and an efficient and seamless pairing experience.


Anker Soundcore life P2:



This wireless Earbud has an IPX7 rating, which means they are water, dust, and sweatproof. Although they are not made with Apple’s W1 chip ( the technology behind automatic pairing on AirPods and other Apple devices), they are made with the Anker ‘Push and Go’ feature that helps to connect to other devices easily.

You enjoy 40 hours of playtime with the charging case and seven hours of listening experience on a single charge, making them the best earbuds in terms of battery life. The audio is impressive with some advanced bass quality and clear instrumental.

With the price going for $46, it is one of the most affordable mid-class earbuds. The only downside to this is that you may experience some form of mild discomfort if you have sensitive ears. This shouldn’t be an issue, except you use the device for a long stretch.


AirPod can not find fake Airpod because they don’t have the Apple GPS Sensor used to locate AirPod. Instead of buying fake AirPods, there are other budget-friendly earbuds that you can buy and still enjoy an outstanding audio experience.

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