5 Best Standalone Smartwatches Online in 2021

Best Standalone Smartwatches

The world is indeed running at a high speed when it comes to the growth of technology, and anyone who does not have the speed will surely be left far behind. If you are an observer, you would notice that technology has only gotten bigger and better, and with speed.


Manufacturers of technology-based devices and are the people from whom you would notice technology’s fast-growing rate. These companies create an upgraded version of the last device almost monthly. That is, at the time they are creating the upgraded version, they have brought in new technologies that were not there before.


Before, we knew wristwatches to be a time-telling device. People also wore it for aesthetic- so it came in various designs, styles, shapes, colors, etc. There wasn’t anything more to the wristwatch than time on the wrist. But as time elapsed, technology has introduced the inclusion of date to the wristwatch. So with your wristwatch, you had both a clock and a calendar. But technology is never satisfied, is it?


A few years ago, smartwatches were introduced. The smartwatch, just like the smartphone, is designed to do more than just the time-telling watched were created for. With a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, a smartwatch can take calls, make calls, take photographs with a built-in camera, etc.


Recently, though, standalone smartwatches have been created. These smartwatches are designed with a space for a Sim card so that you can just go around with it and without a smartphone connected. This has come great for people who need high-classed invisibility as a result of their jobs or for other reasons. Now, people have stopped thinking of how to take a phone to places where they weren’t allowed to bring the phone. They just know they need a stand-alone smartwatch and they are good to go.


It has also come in handy for people who love to go light or do not just love the idea of going around with a phone. All they need to do is put on their smartwatch and they can go anywhere without their phones, make the most invisible calls, take photographs, make recordings, etc.


Most standalone smartwatches also have health and fitness features, with options that let you check your blood rates, sleep rate, and workout timing. And because it is standalone, you do not need to worry about having your phone close by while you sleep, or going with your phone to the gym.


In this article, we have selected the best standalone smartwatches for your smooth purchase and usage.


5 Best Standalone Smartwatches


These smartwatches have differences in application and features, but they all are the best of their kind.


1.  Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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Samsung technology keeps producing high-tech devices, and this smartwatch is nothing less of their quality. This Galaxy Watch3 is -at the time of this writing- the most advanced Samsung smartwatch, and the most stylish. Its design is customized to help you operate it conveniently from your wrist. With its stand-alone feature, you can take a stroll, go on a run, or go to the gym without the stress of going along with your phone.



The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is built with very powerful technology and designed in 3 mystic colors- mystic black, mystic silver, mystic bronze giving your wrist a comfortable yet commanding look as you go through your day-to-day activities. It is available in two sizes and water-resistant, allowing you to go through your rainy days and have a nice pool time without worrying about your wristwatch getting drenched.

When going for a workout, you need not worry about going with your phone- easily make calls, send texts, stream music, receive notifications, and send a report of your ECG recording to your health care instructor all with Samsung Galaxy Watch3 LTE connectivity.

Some of its health and fitness features include: Built-in run coaching that helps track your movement with a scorer while running, Sleep tracker that checks how you are sleeping while checking your stress level. It also helps you with breathing guides, a health monitor app that lets you record and share reports of your ECG with your health care instructor.

Its battery can take you a day and more without charging. It has Wireless Power Share, a special Samsung feature that allows you to get a power boost from your compatible Galaxy phone. Its water-resistant goes as far as 50 meters. Take care to rinse it in clean fresh water after using it in the sea or water with chlorine content.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has passed the military specified tests, including extreme weather conditions, dust, falling from 4.9 feet, vibration or shock, pressure, and altitude.


The leather strap allows for skin comfortability.

Bixby voice feature that lets you pick calls, send texts and navigate options without touching your Watch3 screen.



A compatible device has to be turned on and connected to a wireless network for stand-alone functions to work.

It is expensive.


2.  Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (LTE)

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When it comes to Android devices, Samsung is second to none. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm LTE is another device in the Samsung stardom. It is created with special Business features that meet the needs of both the Employers and the Employees. Its apps are customizable that you can customize them to meet your business needs specifically.


Its Standalone function is one of its highest points, and thus can either be achieved through a Bluetooth connection or an LTE. It has health and fitness functions that keep everyone on the team fit and in good health condition for the job. Its heart rate monitor is very accurate, built-in from a trusted source.


This Samsung Galaxy Watch is military specifications certified, water-resistant, and compatible with up to four carriers over Bluetooth WiFi. It has a 1.15 GHz bi-processor and a 10nm semiconductor that allows it to perform seamlessly for more productive teamwork.

Its accurate heart rate monitor helps to check that everyone on the team is fit enough for the job given to them. It also helps check for traces of illness as it comes. It also has fitness tracking that keeps a track of how to fit every member of the team is, with safety measures to keep everyone safe while at work.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm is built with a device configuration support and custom feature that allows each member of the team to wear a customized look, carrying the company’s brand.

Its battery is built so strong that it can carry you for days after one charge. Its wireless charger keeps you on the move even when you have to power up.


Made to suit Business needs.

Long-lasting battery.

Standalone functions with LTE and Bluetooth connectivity.



Quite pricey therefore not suitable for people with a low budget.


3.  Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch

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Huawei is one brand whose devices you can rely on to be a high-performance tech with its swift and sleek designs that would attract the attention of anyone seeing them. With Huawei, you get the real value of your money.

The Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch is a trusted go-to when you need a good yet affordable standalone smartwatch. Apart from being standalone, it has features that make it a great sport and health fitness companion, providing a live workout guide to users to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Its appearance screams sports watch with its unique high-class technology and diversity of apps working independently or connected to an Android or iOS device.


The Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch is designed with a built-in GPS and a dual positioning system that offers accuracy in tracking and other outdoor navigation. Because of its Standalone function, you don’t need to worry about going sporting with your phone.

It tracks sleep and monitors heart rate, helping you eliminate stress and stay fully fit all the time. Its offline music feature allows you to have the best gym and running time; listening to music as you go without having to connect it to your phone. Smart sports guide available to score your sports and workout performance, helping you do better than ever.

Making calls, sending texts, and making a cashless payment is made easy with Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch via the NFC technology. Also, it gives you access to Google Assistant, letting you have a personal voice assistant on your wrist. A long-lasting battery keeps you on the go after every charge.

Customize your battery to determine how long you want to use it for: on watch mode, it can take you up to 3weeks, on Smart Power Saving Mode use it for 2days before having to power again. Constant GPS usage will burn the battery for 7hours before you need to recharge again. 



Battery customization for efficient service.

Offline music to keep your focus during workouts.



Standalone functions are less than when connected to a phone.


4.  Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

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The Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch is created to just suit your health and fitness needs perfectly. With a built-in GPS, you do not need to worry about connecting your phone to it or going out with the phone as you can access all your health and fitness features independently. With your Google Assistant and Amazon built-in Alexa feature, you can navigate through your phone while you’re busy.

Keep track of your health and heart condition regularly while you are working towards staying physically fit.


Amazon built-in Alexa features are the best personal voice assistant. It helps to control Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, and many other apps and features without handling your wristwatch. With its built-in mic, you can take calls on your phone when your smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth to it.

It has over 20 exercise modes, making it the best standalone smartwatch for your sports and exercises. Its battery charges at the speed of 12minutes and can run for over 6days. Do your exercises with fewer phone distractions and let your Fitbit Versa 3 take accurate details of the time and pace covered in each exercise.

It has an Active Zone Minutes that measures your heart rate while you sleep and uses it to rate your exercise effort. It also lets you know if you’re hitting too hard, keeping you in check both while you work and while you sleep.

Also, Fitbit Versa 3 SpO2 clock face displays your night blood oxygen level to you at a glance; and there’s also an app that checks your health status on the Health Metrics dashboard to let you know if there is any sign of a change in your health status.

When connected to your phone, it can serve as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone calls- thanks to its built-in mic. However, when using this mic, you would have to charge more often than usual.


Personal voice assistant available.

Over 20 exercise modes to guide you throughout your sporting exercises.



The battery runs out more quickly with some features.


5.  Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch

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The Virmee VT3 Smartwatch is a waterproof Standalone smartwatch built as a fitness companion with over 18 exercise modes. It has a smart tracker that helps you keep track of your heart rate, sleep rate, blood oxygen, calories burned, etc.

Its display screen is 1.5″ with 321 PPI and 360 by 320 resolution. On this screen, you can see everything displayed clearly and easily, bearing no confusion with regard to your health and sports data. As a bonus, you can customize your watch display screen to suit your style.


Virmee VT3 Plus has exercise modes that keep you checked and covered while you swim, run, walk, play tennis, basketball, soccer, badminton, skip, do aerobics, yoga, elliptical training, dance, etc. During sports and exercises, your time and pace are accurately recorded, making your VT3 Plus a good training companion.

There are other functions available on your wrist with this watch: alarm clock, stopwatch, weather forecast, breath training, flashlight, event reminder, etc.

When connected to another device, it works great for receiving calls and text messages notification. You can also end your call if your phone is not handy. Access exercise modes without having to connect them to your smartphone.


Good health and fitness tracker.

Customizable display screen.



Cannot make calls or send texts.



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