5 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Golf – Unbiased Review

Bluetooth speakers for golf are designed a bit differently from other Bluetooth speakers. There are certain things to be considered when playing golf, such as wind and water splashes. So these speakers are built with these elements in mind. However, you won’t find lots of brands that make Bluetooth speakers for golf. There are only two brands that offer excellent Bluetooth speakers for golf — Ampcaddy shd Upside Golf.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will feature three other brands with their best Bluetooth speakers that can be used on a golf course.


1.  Golf Speaker with Mount, 40 Watt Bluetooth Portable Ampcaddy Version 3 Pro Max Bluetooth Speaker and Mount with Loud Stereo Sound and Bass Boost, 12-Hour Playtime, Extended Bluetooth Range, Waterproof

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The Ampcaddy brand has been around since 2014. Prior to the release of this Bluetooth speaker version 3 pro max, Ampcaddy had a much smaller model, which is also impressive but lacking some functionalities, considering it is the outdated model of this version 3 pro max.

One of the major features of this Ampcaddy Bluetooth speakers is the sound quality. It’s one of the features they take very seriously. You will notice the high-quality sound this particular speaker produces when playing golf outdoor because its bass trajectory is impressive. Besides, it is designed by PGA golfers in the USA. Their on-field knowledge of the elements to consider concerning audio output on golf courses is utilized, making this the most suitable golf speaker to use. They have also been featured on the Golf Channel, which gives more proof of their impressive sound quality.

Apart from the sound quality of this Ampcaddy speaker, the ease that comes with controlling and handling it makes it even more impressive. It is easy to mount. You can mount this speaker on any secure shaft that has a diameter between a half-inch to a width of two inches, or you can mount it on your golf cart frames.

Another thing that sets this Ampcaddy version 3 pro max apart from other golf Bluetooth speakers is the 180° directional audio swivel. This swivel directs the audio output to you only, making it suitable for personal use. Most Bluetooth speakers come with a 360° directional sound swivel, which gives surround sound, making them more suitable for group use.



+ 40 watts with a boost 2″ resonator for clear sound and amplified bass

+ Long body construction for better sound coverage

+ Easy mounting

+ 180° directional audio swivel pointing only where you want it

+ Extended Bluetooth range of about 100-foot connection range

+ Rechargeable battery lasting for about 12 hours of playtime

+ Multiple pairing and control of Ampcaddy speaker with one device

+ Right to left and left to right swiveling to carry the sound around.

+ Waterproof rating of IPX7 and shock-resistant

+ Upgraded functionality unlike its predecessors

+ Money Back Guarantee with 2-Year Warranty



— Multiple pairing

— PGA golfers involved in its design

— Amplified sound with a boost 2″ resonator


— Not budget-friendly


One of the major things that make Ampcaddy stand out from other brands of Bluetooth speakers is because it is specifically made for golfers. You won’t find many brands that make Bluetooth speakers just for a particular sport. Other brands make their speaker multi-purpose. Since Ampcaddy focuses on only golf, this means lots of golf-related circumstances are taken into consideration, such as the wind.

This Bluetooth speaker has 180° directional audio, which means you can play songs without disturbing other golfers. However, if you want to throw a party on the gold course, the 180° directional audio might be a setback. You will need more speakers before you can have surround sound that will make the music more enjoyable. You can pair two Ampcaddy speakers to the same Bluetooth connection. This is a solution, but it comes with the cost of having to buy more Ampcaddy speakers, and their speakers aren’t really budget-friendly.


2.  Upside Golf Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Golf Cart Mount, SUPERX7 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker, 100 Foot Wireless Range, Rechargeable 20 Hours Playing Time

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Upside Golf also stands out from other brands with its LOCKON design. This design is a built-in neodymium high powered magnet, which allows it to mount securely onto any metal surface. It stays firm on golf carts without needing straps, and you can put it on any part of the golf cart you like. It also has an advanced antenna design, which gives you a faster Bluetooth connection and longer wireless range.

It is also designed with the help of a PGA professional with 14 years of experience in golf. Ampcaddy made use of several PGA professional golfers, allowing them to experiment with different ideologies, Upside Golf made use of just one golfer, so this means fewer ideologies, which can be a bit limiting. Nevertheless, several other brands designed their Bluetooth speakers without PGA professional golfers on their design team. Upside Golf is still much preferable even though they used just one golfer.

If you partake in other sports apart from golf, you can use this Bluetooth speaker, especially for outdoor sports, because it has a rugged design. Moreover, It doesn’t just connect with smartphones alone; you can connect it with Echo Dot, Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Echo, Echo Plus, thereby giving you more functionality.

A good reason to consider this Bluetooth speaker for golf is if you are looking for a cheap Bluetooth speaker with an impressive rapid charge, which will quickly charge your Bluetooth speaker within 2 hours for a lengthy use on the golf course.



+ Neodymium high powered magnet designed into the speaker

+ Dual stereo connect for deep bass

+ Bluetooth range of around 80 – 100 feet from a device in open fields.

+ Weatherproof design with IPX7 certification

+ Magnetic holder

+ Battery life of 20 hours

+ Rapid charge of 2 hours.

+ 30-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty



— Rapid charge

— Built-in neodymium high powered magnet

— Dual stereo connect

— Connects with different types of Bluetooth devices


— Its audio quality is not as impressive as Ampcaddy version 3 pro max

— Its volume is not as loud as Ampcaddy version 3 pro max


This is another Bluetooth speaker made specifically for golfers, just like Ampcaddy. However, when it comes to their sizes, they differ a bit. Upside Golf SUPERX7 speaker is a bit portable, so when fitting it into your bag, regardless of how full the bag is, you can still find space for this speaker. Better still, you can hold it in your hands.


3.  ROKFORM G-ROK Portable Wireless Magnetic Golf Speaker Waterproof

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ROKFORM is a brand that doesn’t focus on the golf industry only; it also designs accessories for several other industries. If you are an audiophile that holds brand loyalty in high regard, placing your loyalty on ROKFORM might not be a good decision. However, if you are just interested in getting a Bluetooth speaker for golf, and might not be purchasing other Bluetooth speakers in the future or other golf accessories, you can go with ROKFORM.

This ROKFORM G-ROK Bluetooth speaker has several functionalities. It has two magnets fitted into its housing that allows it to have a firm grip on any metal surface, an integrated twist-lock for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces, and impressive battery life. If the battery is on a full charge, you can use it for up to a week without charging it, depending on how many hours you spend on the golf course.

What sets it apart the most is the possibility of using a Micro SD card. Once an SD card is inserted, you can use it to play songs instead of connecting it to the Bluetooth of your phone. Besides, if your phone is off or it doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, the micro SD will be a lifesaver.



+ Slim and light

+ Built-in magnet

+ Hands-free calling

+ Built-in micro SD card slot for optional 32mb micro SD card.

+ Dual pairing of 2 G-ROK Speakers

+ Waterproof, dustproof, and drop resistant

+ 3600mAh battery that lasts for 24 hours at 60% volume, and 4 hours at full volume

+ Charging time of approximately 4 to 5 hours

+ Dual 8 watt drivers

+ Aluminium hook



— Long battery life

— Built-in magnet

— Micro SD can be used


— No professional golfer on the design team, unlike Ampcaddy and Upside Golf.


Unlike Ampcaddy and Upside Golf, ROKFORM doesn’t create products specifically for golfers. However, almost all their products feature built-in magnets, just like this ROKFORM G-ROK. Adding magnets to their products is like their unique selling point.

This Bluetooth speaker is a suitable choice for audiophiles who don’t mind getting Bluetooth speakers from brands not entirely dedicated to golf. However, this speaker might not have the same functionality as Ampcaddy and Upside Golf, especially when you consider that these two brands include professional PGA golfers in their own design team, so all elements that could distort the audio output are taken into consideration.


4.  TREBLAB FX100 – Extreme Bluetooth Speaker – Loud, Rugged for Outdoors, Shockproof, Waterproof IPX4, Built-in 7000mAh Power Bank, FM Radio, HD Audio w/Deep Bass, Portable Wireless Speaker with Mic

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TREBLAB is one of the brands of Productech Corp. They are not as popular as Ampcaddy, but their products are remarkable, especially this TREBLAB FX100. Most of TREBLAB products have an impressive housing design. This is something they take seriously. Moreover, the housing design of this particular speaker is one of the things that sets it apart from other Bluetooth speakers.

This TREBLAB FX100 is designed for people on the go, especially adventurers. However, you can use it on the golf course too, especially in harsh weather conditions because it is built to withstand these kinds of weather.

Apart from its housing design, there are lots of functionalities it also offers. If you are looking for a speaker with a long battery life, you should also consider this Bluetooth speaker. It has one of the best battery life you will find in Bluetooth speakers for golf. However, its charging time is lengthy, and it has no rapid charge.

Another feature of this Bluetooth speaker is the possibility of turning it into a power bank. There is a USB port you can use to charge your phone whenever it is low. Apart from strapping it to your golf cart, there is also a carabiner you can use to hook it to your golf bag. It all depends on the one you want based on need or likability.



+ 10-watt speakers

+ Enhanced volume

+ 360° surround sound of 10 meters (33 feet)

+ 7000mAh heavy-duty rechargeable battery

+ Battery life of 35 hours for 10 hours charge.

+ Picking and taking calls hands-free

+ Built-in noise-canceling mic

+ Dustproodlf, shockproof, and waterproof rating of IPX4

+ 30-day returns and 1-year warranty

+ Carabiner



— Budget-friendly

— Built-in noise-canceling mic

— Enhanced volume

— Impressive battery life


— Doesn’t have a rapid charge


Apart from its ergonomics, it also has a loud volume that can be heard from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away. Unlike Ampcaddy, you can’t play a song on this speaker without others hearing the music. For personal use, it’s preferable to use this TREBLAB FX100 in harsh weather conditions, such as when rain is failing because the pitter-patter of raindrops will reduce its volume, or better still, use it during a casual game with friends who also love listening to music when playing golf.

Besides, its battery life is one of the best you will get in medium-sized speakers, and it’s even much better than most large speaker battery. If you don’t spend much time on the golf course, you can use it for days without charging it. Moreover, apart from the golf course, you can use it for other sports or a party. If you are always on the go, having this Bluetooth speaker means you can always keep listening to songs if there is no means of charging it. If your phone is low, just plug it into the speaker and charge it for some time so your phone battery won’t die.


5.  JBL FLIP 5 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black (New Model)

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The JBL brand has been around since 1946, with a large share of the market. They don’t offer Bluetooth speakers for just one industry; anyone in any industry can use their speakers, and it’s usually suitable for group use. Their speakers are mostly medium-sized, but you will still find a few that are small size.

One of the significant reasons why JBL is preferable to other Bluetooth speaker manufacturers is the number of years they have been around. Over the years, they have conducted experiments in audio research and product manufacturing. As can be seen in Flip 5, it’s designed in a way that allows it to sit horizontally or vertically. Also, JBL is known for the ruggedness of their products. Its fabric is made of durable material, and the housing is made of rugged rubber. The ruggedness of the Flip 5 makes it suitable for use in different harsh weather, and if it is dropped on a hard surface, it will still be functional.

JBL Flip 5 features a new driver that is racetrack-shaped, which gives off impressive audio output. With this speaker, you can have your party anywhere. After playing golf, you can amplify the music with this speaker and turn the golf course into a dance floor. Apart from using it on the golf course, you can use it indoors or supplement it with large speakers at parties. You can link multiple JBL party boost-compatible speakers together for louder music. Depending on the strap you are using on the golf cart, you can stand the Flip 5 horizontally or vertically.

However, when comparing the Flip 5 functionality with Ampcaddy version 3 pro max, there are lots of differences to point out, but the most prominent is the insufficient info on this speaker’s features. You won’t find info on the drivers watts, or its audio output, its connection range, and if surround sound is supported or not. The only similarity is their battery life and waterproof rating. Also, it’s worth mentioning that JBL has better durability and a sleek design unlike Ampcaddy, so this is good news for people who love the physicality.



+ Multiple pairing

+ IPX7 waterproof

+ Playtime of 12 hours

+ Features JBL premium sound



— housing

— Vertical or horizontal mounting

— 11 bold color options


— Limited features

— Not budget-friendly


Most people tend to term JBL speakers as overpriced products considering its limited functionality, and the number of years they have been around making people expect more from them. However, it’s a Bluetooth speaker with rugged housing. Its ruggedness is one of the reasons it standout. You can use it for years and it will still be functional. You might even be recognized through this speaker on the golf course.

Also, the JBL signature sound that comes with almost all JBL speakers is featured in this Flip 5. This signature sound will immerse you in the music you’re playing.

JBL Flip 5 has a rainbow of colors. There are 11 bold color options to choose from. You will find a color that suits your style.



Many Bluetooth speakers termed multi-purpose speakers for all types of outdoor sporting won’t give you impressive sound quality. Certain things need to be considered when choosing speakers for golfs. In this article, we reviewed five of the best speakers you can consider. Each speaker has its benefits and pitfalls. Make sure you go through all the details so you can find the one that suits your need.

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